Year 8 Recorded Ark Globe's First Audiobook

Wednesday 11 May 2022

As part of the World Book Day celebrations our Year 8 recorded an audiobook. This is the first audiobook by Ark Globe Academy! The book is ‘Seedfolks’ by Paul Fleischman; a novella telling the story of an inner city community overcoming differences to create a shared garden in an abandoned parking lot. Each chapter is told from the perspective of a character getting involved in the garden.

Do have a listen, enjoy: 


Starring (in order of appearance): Jeminah, Mehdi, Mya, Eshan, Pelumi, Khion, Deanna, Munahcim, Salamatu, Laivon, Lucy, Sope, Ta Mark, Ruth, Adam I, Jed, Youcef B, Amara, Alanna, Jenner Joshua, Stephanie, Kerim, Eduarda, Kadey, Namirah, Yelina, Judah and Sabbir.