Our Sixth Form continues to be in the top 2% of post 16 providers in the UK.


2020 Key Stage 5 Performance Headlines

Ark Globe Performance

What does it mean? 

KS4 - 5 Progress of students            + 0.85     


Students make better than expected progress from KS4 to KS5.     
Year 13 Average Attainment grade B+ for A Level          

Distinction + for Vocational

Students on both A Level and Vocational routes have above average attainment. 
% of students attaining 3 or more A*-C 98% Globe students left with above average grades.          

70% went on to Top Third Universities.

% of students attaining 3 or more A*-B 73% Almost half our students get top grades in multiple subjects.
ALPS 2 An ALPS scale measures Sixth Form outcomes. The ALPS scale ranges from 1-9 with an ALPS of 2 or above putting outcomes in the top 10% in the country. Globe’s Sixth Form has secured an ALPS 2 for the past three years.
Retention 90%  
Level 3 Value Added Academic N/A Due to the nature of the academic year in 2020, performance data is not being analysed by the DFE in the same way as previous years.
Average points per entry 42.7  
Level 3 Value Added Vocational N/A Due to the nature of the academic year in 2020, performance data is not being analysed by the DFE in the same way as previous years.
Average points per entry 43.2  


In the academic year 2019 - 2020 100% of our students received a university offer, 100% of students accepted university offers with 4 students choosing to accept their place next academic year. Great destinations for our A Level students:


Ark Globe Sixth Form

Higher education, further education, apprenticeships or employment 100%
Russell Group University 36%
Top third University 72%


Russell Group universities

Student numbers


Birmingham 1 Criminology and Sociology
LSE 1 Politics and History
Queen Mary 6 Film Studies, Modern History, Politics and International Relations, Psychology and Crime, Physics/Astrophysics, Psychology
Oxford 2 Biological Sciences, Classics 
Queen Mary 6 Accounting and Management, Degree Apprenticeship in Finance, Economics
Southampton (deferred) 1 Medicine 
UCL 2 Mathematics, History and Economics
Warwick 3 Biology, Politics, Politics and Sociology
Cardiff 1 International Business Management
Cambridge 2 Medicine, Theology and Religion


Other universities

Student numbers


Aston 6 Computing and Business, International Business, Accounting and Finance, Business Economics and Finance 
Brighton 3 Sport Management, Business Management
Bradford (foundation year) 1 Medicine
East Anglia (foundation year) 1 Pharmacy
Kingston (foundation year) 1 Medicinal Chemistry
Coventry 1 Media Studies
Kent 6 Criminolgy and Sociology, Biochemistry, Psychology, Economics
Greenwich 1 Computing 
Loughborough 3 Sports and Exercise Science, Architecture, Media and Communications
Leicester 2 Marketing
Royal Holloway 2 Business Management and Computer Science
Surrey  2 Business Management, Law
Sussex 3 Business Management, International Business Management, Marketing
Westminster 1 Marketing

Case Studies

Kirsten Martey-Botchway

Kirsten received A* in Chemistry, A* in Physics, A in Maths.  

She has been accepted into Corpus Christi College, Cambridge to study Medicine.  

Kirsten said: “I am really happy and proud of myself. I would like to thank all of the staff at Ark Globe for the support they have given me over the years. My time at Globe has been really valuable and I have gained lots of skills I can use at the university.  

I am not going to continue my preparation for university ready for September. I am also looking forward to coming back to Globe to encourage younger students to apply for Medicine.” 

Lauren Lopez 

Lauren received A*A*A*in English, History and Sociology.  

She has been accepted into Emmanuel College, Cambridge to study Theology and Religious Studies.  

Lauren has been an exceptional student throughout her time at Globe. From serving as our head girl to representing the school internationally in America through the Globe Poets team she has always demonstrated strong leadership and resilience. Lauren was able to develop her passion for theology whilst successfully undertaking her extended project qualification this led to her successfully applying to Cambridge University to study Theology and Religion. Lauren is not sure what she wants to do, but know she wants to make a positive contribution to her community.  

Lauren said: “I am in a state of shock. When I saw my results, all I could do was laugh. I didn’t know how to react. But it is slowly sinking in, I am just really relieved. After I got the grades, I called my dad. In the background, I heard my mum screaming. I texted my brothers, cousins and friends. They are all very happy. 

I am very excited about university life and to become involved in any societies related to film. I also want to be a part of a language club.

I was a Globe student since Year 7. I feel very much supported, especially in Sixth Form.  Teachers are always there for you, to help you get better. The friendships you can make here really will ground you. We are all very ambitious, but everyone supports each other. The time we spent here was a mixture of sitting down to revise as well as relaxing. I have missed being with my friends in the Sixth Form area. This is a calm, nice and funny place to be. The extra-curricular programme at Ark Globe, especially music and theatre, really helped me to become more confident. I gained more skills by working with people and trying new things. Without the extra-curricular, I wouldn’t have done well at the interviews for Cambridge.”  

Jeffrey Mercado Chalarca 

Jeffrey received D*D*D Business BTEC.  

He will study International Business with one year in Spain either at Liverpool or Aston University.

Jeffrey is our outgoing culture and diversity officer for the student union. He is an excellent role model and he works tirelessly to improve his local community, both in school and out. Since Year 11, Jeffrey has balanced his studies alongside working a part time job (up to 25 hours a week), all to support his family. Growing up in a household where his parents didn’t speak any English, Jeffrey was responsible for translating for his family, particularly for his dad during therapy sessions to overcome his mental health. Jeffrey has never shied away from responsibility, even something so challenging and will do anything to support his family and community. Jeffrey would like to work with young people to give them opportunities so that they achieve their aspirations. He wants to dedicate his grades and successes to his late cousin. He is also a proud recipient of the Marshall Wace bursary. 

Jeffrey said: “It feels overwhelming. I am very happy, very glad with myself. I would like to thank to all of my teachers. I received these results with the support of all my teachers and I hope that one day we can celebrate together [referring to the Covid-19 measures]. It was a very different results day, because of social distancing. We couldn’t hug each other but we could see each other and hang out in the playground and that’s quite nice. Waiting for my results and not being able to go to school during this time was nerve wracking. I am very relieved right now. 

I would like to dedicate my grades to my late cousin. In the future, I hope to work with youth and provide support. Working as a strong community and supporting each other is very important. I would advise younger students to always have high hopes about yourself, support each other, look after your parents and family.  

I am very excited about university life. I am looking forward to learning how to be a bit more independent, gaining new networks and spending a year in Spain as part of my course. I also won an Ark Bursary which will support me with expenses, such as essentials, books, things that I need for my studies. Because I come from a diverse background and finance is not very strong, I have been working part time since my GCSEs. The bursary will be very helpful.”  

Brenda Irabor

Brenda received A* in History, A* in EPQ, A in English Literature and A in Economics. 

She will study History, Politics and Economic at UCL.  

Brenda has been a consistently outstanding student throughout her time at Globe. From serving as our former deputy head girl to representing the school nationally in the Globe Poets team she has always demonstrated strong leadership and resilience. Throughout her A levels Brenda successfully balanced a part time job whilst pursuing all the opportunities available to her, including applying and interviewing to Oxford. Whilst this didn’t end up being her final destination she was able to learn so much from the experience that she will one day be able to put this into action as she seeks to work for the UN.  

Brenda said: “I feel really, really good. The last few months were very stressful. It feels like a huge weight is off my shoulders. I am excited about university life but it’s hard knowing that it won’t be the same, there won’t be freshers fair and accommodation will be different. But I try to see the positive side of everything. 

Ark Globe Sixth Form staff are the most supporting staff ever. They always made the space for you to grow, sometimes if you feel down they pick you back up. The culture of relationships at Ark Globe is amazing. It means that the whole community and Sixth Form constantly push each other. When you don’t achieve your best, they make sure you know that this isn’t the end and there is so much space to grow.” 

Mohammed Jino  

He received A*BB.   

Mohammed will go to Warwick University to study Politics and History.  

He lives in Peckham with his mum and 8 siblings. He is the first one in the family to go to university. Mohammed joined Globe Sixth Form as an external student who originally enrolled into the Business Pathway, whilst undertaking this course Mohammed developed his confidence and found his passions lay in history and politics. After completing his first year he bravely decided to restart year 12 and switch to the A level options of History, Politics and Sociology. Mohammed’s desire to be more active in his community made him enrol into the Advocacy Academy and has since spoken on Radio 4 on BAME issues within society. He hopes to continue in the academic field and gain a PhD. 

Mohammed said: “I am very happy with my results. I am very excited about university life, living on my own, figuring out the uni life, meeting new people… Looking forward to becoming a functioning adult. I chose this course because I enjoy studying the past and present at the same time. To me, to understand how the world is today, to understand the past is the key.”  

Olamide Taiwo  

She got B in English and Media and A in Sociology.  

Olamide is going to St Anne’s College, Oxford to study Classics.   

She was part of Advocacy Academy and GlobalGirl Media UK, trained as a young woman filmmaker, and one of the editors of the South London Schools Magazine. 

Olamide said: “I didn’t really expect it. When I saw my track and that I got accepted to Oxford, I cried. I was so happy. I texted my family in a group chat and everybody tried to call me at the same time. I couldn’t talk to everyone yet. The whole family is ecstatic.  

My advice for younger students is just try to work hard, believe in your ability. Having self-belief and self-love is so vital. It says a lot about you. Just be yourself. I believe that being myself is what helped me. In my interview for Oxford, I was answering linking their questions with my experiences, who I was, what I liked, what I did… I didn’t try to be someone that I thought who they wanted me to be.”