Results and Destinations

Ark Globe Sixth Form is in the top 10% of all sixth forms in the country. 


2019 Key Stage 5 Performance Headlines

Ark Globe Performance

What does it mean? 

KS4 - 5 Progress of students            0.1 (TBC)  


Students make better than expected progress from KS4 to KS5.     
Year 13 Average Attainment grade C+ for A Level  

Distinction + for Vocational

Students on both A Level and Vocational routes have above average attainment. 
% of students attaining 3 or more A*-C 77% Globe students left with above average grades.  

73% went on to Top Third Universities.

% of students attaining 3 or more A*-B 48% Almost half our students get top grades in multiple subjects.
ALPS 2 An ALPS scale measures Sixth Form outcomes. The ALPS scale ranges from 1-9 with an ALPS of 2 or above putting outcomes in the top 10% in the country. Globe’s Sixth Form has secured an ALPS 2 for the past three years.
Retention 86%  
Level 3 Value Added Academic TBC The level 3 value added information will be released by late autumn by the Department for Education.
Average points per entry 33.0  
Level 3 Value Added Vocational TBC The level 3 value added information will be released by late autumn by the Department for Education.
Average points per entry 38.4  


In the academic year 2018 - 2019 100% of our students received a university offer, 98% of students accepted university offers. Great destinations for our A Level students:


Ark Globe Sixth Form

Higher education, further education, apprenticeships or employment 100%
Russell Group University 33%
Top third University 73%


Russell Group universities

Student numbers


Birmingham 1 Psychology
Exeter 1 Psychology
Glasgow 1 Neuroscience
King’s College 1 Geography
Newcastle 3 Marketing
Nottingham 2 Accounting and Finance, Nursing
Queen Mary 3 Accounting and Management, Degree Apprenticeship in Finance, Economics
Southampton 1 Business Management
UCL 1 Security and Crime Sciences
Warwick 2 Global Sustainable Development, Cyber Security


Other universities

Student numbers


Aston 5 Business Management, International Business Management, Psychology and Business
Birkbeck 2 International Business Management, Theatre
Brighton 1 Philosophy, Politics, and Ethics
Brunel 2 Economics and Business Finance
Camberwell College of Arts 1 Illustration
Colchester 1 Musical Theatre
Coventry 2 Acting, Sports Psychology
Essex 2 History, Computer Science
Greenwich 1 Mechanical Engineering
Loughborough 4 Chemistry, Politics, Psychology
Royal Holloway 1 Computer Science
Middlesex 1 Human Resources Management
Surrey  2 Biochemistry, Human Resource Management
Swansea 1 Mechanical Engineering
Sussex 4 Business Management, Psychology
Westminster 1 Marketing Management

Case Studies

Murat Saglam

Murat received two As in Computer Science and Maths, and a B in Media. He is off to Warwick University to study Cyber Security. 

“I am speechless right now. I am surprised as much as I am happy. My hard work actually paid off. 

I chose this field, because it is a very interesting area within technology. I see myself in the future, in a 60 hours a week job, just to make sure everyone is safe online. After that, I maybe starting my own business.

I prepared myself for this point with a lot of hard work. If anyone is the doing the subjects that I am doing I would advise to just work hard and keep other options open, for example networking. I’ve done two work experiences before I even started to do university course, which I secured through networking at events.

I went to the Shard, where I worked with a cyber-security consultant company. Hopefully I will do a longer work experience there, as they are really nice people and I got the feeling what the industry holds for me. It was only thanks to Ark Globe that I’ve met the people from this company, which inspired me very much. Besides this, my teachers really supported me academically, even sometimes by staying late to make sure that I get the extra hours I needed.

In Year 12, I was a part of a student campaigning group. I am very proud that we made a change in the community both physically and socially. We helped to make a change in the social housing quota through the campaign we did. It was below 50 and I believe now it is 112. I am sure that in the future, I will continue being active in the areas of social housing and social benefits. That is something very important, and it’s thanks to those services the people like me can get to the positions where we are right now.”

Radika Begum

“I am very happy and proud of my results. I have always had the dream of working for the government in policy making. As a child, I grew up in South East London where there is a lot of crime. I wanted to understand, why people commit crime, why the different explanations we had currently weren’t enough. Psychology is big, but wasn’t enough to explain all behaviours.

Another inspiration was television shows. Sherlock really sparked my interest as much as helping me to understand the crime. I can say Sherlock put me in this position, but what really put me in this position is a combination as a lot of things: my experiences, my friends’ experiences...

Being a Bengali female, coming from low-income family and wanting to become a civil servant was at first daunting, but I didn’t let that stop my dream. It was just a statistics behind my name. My teachers made me believe that I am talented, and I pushed through. I was the head of Student Leadership at Globe and being a leader really helped me with my confidence too. I will just continue, forgetting about all of the fact that it is a pre-dominantly white field. Because what I have is talent.”

Yca Tan

Yca received three Bs in English Literature, Psychology and Geography. She is going to University of Nottingham to study Nursing. 

“I am really proud of my results, as the exam season was tough, stressful and full of anxiety. I  had to overcome personal challenges whilst preparing and takin the exams. At the end of GCSE, I had two significant brievements. It was one after the other, so it was really hard. I also had to miss a couple of months in the school, as I went back to Philippines for the funerals. 

I am really thankful to Sixth Form staff and my friends for how they supported me. They accepted me back to the Academy, saying that they trusted me to catch up and learn the same way as the others. It was tough, because you can’t just stop grieving when you get back to London. You go to school, focus on the content you are learning, then go home and feel empty, struggle with your mental health too. Asking for help, but also maintaining to be hopeful is important. I am hopeful and try to be courageous and strong. I always think that I should make my parents proud; it is what keeps me going at the end of the day.

Although I am still unsure about my future and I want to be open-minded to different courses. I know that I would like to do Psychology and after that, a master’s degree in Occupational Psychology. I am also passionate about Global Sustainable Development.”

Okan Saglam

Okan received D*D*D in Business Pathway and an A in Economics. He will be studying Accounting Management at Queen Mary University. 

“I am feeling wonderful. I’m really proud. My teachers played a big role for preparing me for today. I did one A level and Business Pathway, which was combining my passions. I was always passionate about business, and economics was something that I was seeing through the news and was really intrigued to find out more about.

My success was mainly down to pre-lesson readings. I would know what was going to be covered, and that really helped me in lessons and revision. I also did some very inspiring work placements. I worked at a marketing company in the accounting department and I enjoyed it very much. It gave me the experience of the professional environment and the feeling that it was what I wanted to do. I shouldn’t struggle to adapt to the professional life in the future."