Our belief here at Ark Globe Academy is that all students are capable of studying in higher education, and all students should be supported to find and study a subject that is right for them. As such, there is provision throughout the academic year that ensures that each and every student is supported to make informed and practical decisions about their futures.

Year 12 students are educated about the world of higher education in regular assemblies throughout the year. They are also supported in weekly learning family workshops to research, think critically about and take action towards the idea of applying to university. This includes providing them with information and resources which ensure they are proactive in identifying and developing their degree-subject passion early, such as learning the differences between types of degrees, and how to write a strong personal statement.

When our students enter into Year 13, they receive concentrated and personalised support as soon as they return in September to consolidate all parts of their university application. This takes place every Wednesday afternoons during enrichment periods, and throughout the Autumn term during learning family workshops. This is to ensure that all students have submitted high quality university applications to five suitable, UK based degree courses/universities by the end of Autumn term (December). More information about Ark Globe Sixth Form enrichment programme can be found here.

We work with the following partner organisations to ensure our students have the support they need to get.

The Access Project – offer 1:2:1 tutoring and study skills workshops and bespoke support for Oxbridge and STEM subject specific students.


Each year students from across the Ark Schools network have the opportunity to apply for one of our university bursaries donated by supporters of the Ark Schools network. The bursaries are awarded to students who have not only shown great academic potential but those who have been committed to school and their community.

In 2018, Eduardo received £9000 a year for the duration of his course and Hilliam received Urban Nest fund, which means that all of his accommodation is paid for for the duration of university. In 2019, Yca received the Ruben Scholarship of £22,500 over three years, Radika received the Urban Nest Bursary, which is fully funded accommodation and £5,400 over three years. Sara received a Marshall Wace Bursary of £9,000 over three years. 

Congratulations to all of our students!