Sharon is a 2017 leaver and currently studies Psychology at Coventry University. 

"I first joined Ark Globe Academy in Year 8 with about 90 students from my old school. Although I went with people I knew, on my first day I was extremely nervous. This was a new school with new teachers and a completely different culture. All the staff were very supportive and accommodating during this transitionary period and this continued for the following four years.

I have taken away many gems from my time in Ark Globe, one being to always remain resilient. On my journey to be coming a Psychology student at Coventry University I was thrown many curve balls. If perseverance wasn’t instilled in me from day one, I may not have got to this point. Similarly, the idea of having a growth mindset was a key concept taught during Learning Family times. It is a concept I carry with me to lectures each day. Just because I don’t understand something initially doesn’t mean that I won’t eventually master it. Finally, I was taught professionalism. This has been a useful skill; with it I have been able to secure various work placements including the one at the Academy itself! It was a wonderful experience coming back to Ark Globe in Autumn 2018 for my work placement and to support the Inclusion team as well as having this chance of giving back to my Globe community.

I am grateful for all the lessons I have been taught at Ark Globe Academy and I am happy to see it has reached this milestone."