Eduardo is a 2018 leaver and currently studying Biological Sciences at theOxford University. 

"I joined Ark Globe midway through Year 7 in 2011 as an EAL student, having arrived in the UK back in 2010. I am now a student at the University of Oxford, currently reading Biological Sciences. At A levels I did Biology, Maths and French in which I got 2A*s and an A respectively. I’m hoping to go into Biological research, specifically neuroscientific research.

Globe has helped me in very obvious and direct ways by transmitting knowledge and academic support across my 7 years at the Academy. No matter if I was a bottom set English and Maths student in Year 7 or an A* achieving student in A level Biology, I was always pushed and provided with personalised feedback to help me improve. More indirectly, my teachers helped me to achieve a broader target which was not to obtain a grade necessarily, but to find something that I was passionate for. They pushed me to explore myself as much as possible to ensure that I got a better idea of what it was that I enjoyed and that I obtained a satisfactory balance between what I liked and what I was good at.

As soon as you walk into Ark Globe, what hits you is the cultural diversity. When I was in school I never felt like an outcast for not speaking English. You learn to appreciate others’ cultures as well as your own, which opens your mind to understand different people’s perspectives and ideas. You can easily translate this into academic debates. I think this gave me a level of awareness which makes me stand out in my group of friends here at Oxford. Along with this, I took the principal of Growth Mindset from my time at Ark Globe, to ensure that I’m always improving myself as a student and as a person. I also have the chance of having a network of people that are not just my former teachers but rather caring individuals willing to continue guiding me and giving me advice through the next stages in life."