Our alumnus Charlie Berry, who had been with Globe from Years 7 to 13, just finished his first year studying Geography at the University of Birmingham. He found out about his passion for Geography during his GCSEs:

“I’ve always had a passion in terms of humanities and a lot of this was because of the teachers. A level teachers were amazing. Every lesson we were talking about current events, every time it would be a different opinion that we could express. At that time, I started to enjoy the way that I could start seeing the world a bit differently. These were great lessons and great discussions, which showed me the holistic nature of the subject which involves economics, biology and psychology as well.”

He chose Birmingham through the university’s residential in the summer of Year 12: “I saw the advert in the Sixth Form area and decided to apply. Through that scheme, the impact I made, the connections I made, and they offered me an unconditional offer. I am very pleased that I will be working as a student ambassador this summer and help the next generation at the residential.”

Charlie also won a bursary from Ark Schools, which is worth £9,000 for 3 years of his university education. “I had a chance to win £3,000 bursary for every year during the university to help with my academic needs and getting involved with societies.” Charlie has a very exciting activity lined up for September: He will climb Kilimanjaro!

“They say that most people get a degree and what you do in-between those 3 years defines you. So I thought that I am going to choose something big. Having graduated from Kilimanjaro, that is also meaningful for me. I thought I go to Kilimanjaro, which relates to Globe and then I can go all the way to the top. As a Geographer, I really want to explore the world – I want to climb mountains, do scuba diving, and more.”

He had to raise £3,000 to climb Kilimanjaro, which he admits was scary at the beginning. But Ark Bursary was helpful, as he used it to develop and implement a fundraising plan.  He is now preparing mentally and physically for the climb.

Charlie says that he still keeps in touch with his friends and teachers at Globe, where he claims to have found his confidence. “To be selected as a deputy head boy, to be chosen to represent the school in various projects certainly raised my confidence. At Year 10 I did a TFL project, at Year 12 we had a cabinet office project- these helped us to develop different skills, like interpersonal and communications skills. Now I quite like public speaking and giving presentations.”

“Over my 7 years, Globe always made sure that they installed the confidence in us that we can get what we want. This has been there all the way from the mission statement down to teachers’ teaching. I became more independent from the Sixth Form. I was given so many opportunities to develop all of my skills, and also just to have fun.”

We wish the best of luck to Charlie on his climb on Kilimanjaro and his studies at Birmingham.