Aneesha is a 2017 leaver and currently studies English Literature at the University of Leicester. 

"My journey at Ark Globe Academy started when I joined in 2011 right through until I completed my studies in 2017. I studied English, History and Psychology for my A levels and I am now studying English Literature in my second year at the University of Leicester.

As a student at Ark Globe, many times I faced challenges that required me to be resilient and responsive. Often when things went wrong, I was encouraged by my teachers and peers to think of new solutions to problems which I made sure to carry with me even after I finished school. After leaving Globe, my first year at university did not go according to plan. I felt as though I was not getting the most out of my degree and university experience, so I began to look into all the options I had available. After a year of research and asking for help, I made the decision to transfer universities and study at the University of Leicester. This was a huge step that I did not think would ever be a part of my university journey, but just goes to show how important it is to be able to step back, think differently, and try again. 

What I miss most about Globe is the sense of community and support that was felt, even beyond the classrooms and playgrounds. Having teachers and peers who support, celebrate and uplift one another makes all the difference to young people trying to find their footing in our wider society."