Welcome to Ark Globe Academy! We are very excited for you to join us in the new academic year and wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you all to life at Ark Globe.

Over the next few weeks, we will be regularly uploading videos and resources for you to access prior to your transition to Year 7.

We hope that these will help you to familiarise yourself with the school, the staff and our culture.  

Culture Pyramid Resources

At Ark Globe Academy, our Culture Pyramid is central to our way of life.  Each week, we will add a resource which will help you understand our purpose, beliefs and values.

Introduction to Culture Pyramid

There are keys facts about our Culture Pyramid. Why was it created? How was it presented? Why is it so essential for our life as a community? Here are the answers and some activities. Click on the document to complete the activities: Culture Pyramid

Social Justice

At Globe Academy, social justice is our purpose. We promote a fair society where everyone will have equal opportunities to determine their future. To see what social justice means and find out about some people who have challenged barriers to achieve social justice, click here: Social Justice

Growth Mindset

We believe that success is based on how hard you work and your ability to continue trying when in difficult situations. Click here to learn about one of our beliefs at Ark Globe Academy:  Growth Mindset


It is important to consider how you want to present yourself in many ways. This might include the work you produce and the way you look and how you communicate. Click here to find out about one of our beliefs at Ark Globe Academy: Professionalism


By forming strong bonds with staff and other students, you will be able to overcome any challenges that you might face. This is why we set Relationships as one of our values. Click here to find out more about it: Relationships


It is important that you stay true to your values and beliefs and complete honest reflection on them to be successful. Click here to find out about one of our values at Ark Globe Academy: Integrity  


Building independence in our learners is important to us because it empowers you to fulfil your potential and for you to take ownership over this journey. Click here to find out about one of our values at Ark Globe Academy: Independence  

Here is an activity for you to explore more about the Culture Pyramid and the concepts you have recently learnt: Student Reflections 

Virtual Tour


Each week, we will upload a video from a member of the Academy Leadership Team. 


We are very excited to meet you all in September, and in preparation for this new adventure, we have an introductory challenge for you. Click here to find out about it:

New Year 7 Competition

‘A Day in the life of Year 7’  

'A Day in the Life of Year 7' is a series of pictures by Blanca McGee Valencia in Year 7. Come back next week to see how this story develops.