At Ark Globe Academy, we use the Gatsby Benchmarks as a guide to plan our Pathways and Enrichment programme. As part of our commitment to informing our students of the full range of learning and training pathways on offer to them, we are happy to consider requests from training, apprenticeship and vocational education providers to speak to students. 

You can see our statement Bakers Clause Careers Policy Statement here: 

Bakers Clause Careers Policy Statement

Careers Programme


Careers Programme During Covid-19 School Closures

Due to Covid-19, we are currently unable to deliver our Career Advice Information Guidance and Enrichment Programme as it is outlined below. However, we have taken our Careers Programme on a vitrual environment.
You can see our Careers Noticeboard and Virtual Masterclasses by clicking on the links.  

Careers Programme - Business as Usual 

You can view the 'business as usual' programme for Secondary and Sixth Form, 2019-2020 here: 

CIAG and Enrichment Plan 2019-2020 

Our Primary students will be participating in career related events starting from Year 3 onwards. They will learn about different career paths in an informative and fun way, that is tailored for their ages. This programme includes trips to Kidzania, work place visits, university tours and a full day of business experience (Year 6). On their business experience day, our Year 6 students have work experience with Ark Globe's Business Support Team and they experience different career paths such as Marketing, Finance, Premises, Catering and Human Resources. You can see more details on Primary's Enrichment Plan here: 

CIAG Plan for Primary 2019-2021

You can find more information about our Enrichment Programme for Primary school here, Secondary school here, and Sixth Form Enrichment Programme here

Monitoring and Evaluation

The Careers & Enrichment programme is monitored for quality and impact by the Academy’s Senior Leadership and Governance Teams, including; 

·       Access to and opportunities to engage with technical, vocational and training providers 

·       Monitoring against the Gatsby Benchmarks 

·       Student destinations

Additionall, after every activity we carry out a survey with selected students to measure the success of our programme and look at the impact it has made further career choices and knowledge. We also gather comments from staff who have accompanied students and facilitators. In this way we can firstly gauge if we have met the expected outcomes and secondly if we should adjust what we do or indeed do the same activity again. The greatest impact we can see is that the facilitators want to work with us again and that students have followed up on the links which have been made. This has happened several time as students have secured work experience placements as a result of this.

Through assembly, learning family time activities and one-to-one interviews with students, Ark Globe students have secured appropriate choices for further study and career choices. This is monitored through Ark and Southwark Choices. 


You can see our Pathways and Enrichment Policy here: 

Pathways and Enrichment Policy

How to Get Involved

In the first instance, requests by providers should be sent to the Academy’s Careers & Enrichment Lead with a minimum 6 weeks’ lead time. All requests will be considered on the basis of; staffing availability to support the activity, clashes with other planed activity, trips or visits to the Academy, interruption to preparation for examinations or rooming and space availability to host the activity.    


You can read more about the opportunities to get involved here

For questions on this or Ark Globe Academy’s wider Pathways and Enrichment programme, please contact the Academy’s Pathways Lead, Ms Jo Watts via emailing or calling 020 7407 6877. 

Destinations Data 2018 - 2019

Year 11 cohort size - 113 students

113 students have been accepted at a 6th Form, College or apprenticeship.

  • 70 (62%) students received their 1st choice preference
  • 18 (16%) students received their 2nd choice preference
  • 25 (22%) students received their 3rd or other choice

Year 13 cohort 

  • 100% of students received a university offer
  • 98% of students accepted university offers
  • 33% went to a Russell Group university
  • 73% went to a ‘Top third’ university