Our Mission

Our mission at Ark Globe Academy is to prepare our students for university and to be leaders in their community.Supporting this mission our Culture Pyramid sets out for students, staff and parents our purpose, our beliefs and our values. This helps to set expectations for learning and behaviour in our daily lives at Globe.

We expect every Globe student to graduate from our academy with the qualifications, skills and confidence to achieve their ambitions and go on to higher education or their chosen career.

Our Purpose

Social Justice - Our purpose is to promote a fair society where everyone will have equal opportunities to determine their own future.

Our Beliefs

Growth Mindset - Growth mind-set is the belief that your success is determined by hard work, resilience and a positive attitude to failure.

Professionalism - Professionalism is based on respectful communication, excellent habits and polished presentation.

Our Values

Integrity - We value integrity as the quality of having a strong moral purpose and being honest with our words and actions.

Relationships - We value relationships that nurture the potential of others based on mutual trust and high levels of respect.

Independence - We value independence because it empowers the individual to fulfil their own potential.