Growth Mindset

At Ark Globe Academy we teach our students to have a ‘Growth Mindset’ instead of a Fixed ‘Mindset’. The notion of a ‘Growth Mindset’ was developed by Psychology Professor Carol Dweck from Stanford University.

If you have a 'Fixed Mindset' you believe that you are born with intelligence and it can’t be improved or developed. If you have a ‘Growth Mindset’ you believe that intelligence is a quality that can be changed and developed by trying and allowing yourself to fail.

Every day we see our students developing growth mindsets by putting themselves into situations where they might fail and opportunities to develop a positive attitude to failure by repeated practise until they succeed. We wanted to find a way to calculate this so that we could recognise and reward those students not only for academic achievement but more importantly the effort they put into their studies and other areas of school life.

Globe Growth

Globe Growth is a method that we use to calculate ‘Growth Mindset’ for students in Years 1 - 6. It is calculated by awarding points for attendance and punctuality to school, professionalism and effort in homework and reading at home. These provide a good indication of a student’s ‘Growth Mindset’ and attitude towards learning.

The number of points awarded is then banded with different colours to give a clear indication which students have the strongest growth. Students who are in the purple band have been awarded outstanding growth reflecting a strong ’Growth Mindset’. The results are displayed for all year groups around the school.

Globe Growth Celebration Assemblies 

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 assemblies take place each half term, to recognise the success of students that have shown outstanding Globe Growth. These are led by Phase Leaders, promoting the values of a ‘Growth Mindset’ and the importance of attendance, punctuality, professionalism and independent learning towards a student achieving their potential. At these assemblies, students that achieve outstanding growth each term are given Globe Growth pin badges to reward their achievement, which they wear with pride as part of their uniform. This allows them to be identified by their peers and teachers as students who have shown a ‘Growth Mindset’ and have a positive attitude towards their learning progress and attainment.


At Ark Globe Academy we like to recognise and reward the students for the effort they are putting into their academic work and the contributions they make to school life. We do this in a variety of ways which are explained below.

The Hall of Achievement

Every term a student from each year group is nominated by the Primary Principal for Achievement. The student is nominated not just for academic progress and achievement but their whole attitude towards school. The current Hall of Achievement can be found in the secondary reception with past ones on the walls in the pentagon.

The Reward Postcard

At Ark Globe Academy we recognise the effort students are putting into their academic work in the form of a reward postcard – this postcard is sent home, so that the parents can also engage in the positive recognition by the school of their child.

Other Rewards

We praise and reward pupils for exemplary behaviour in a variety of ways:

  • We congratulate and distribute positive praise/ stickers/ points/ dojos/ positive notes home and other rewards of merit with discretion to pupils on a daily basis, either for consistent excellent work or behaviour, or to acknowledge outstanding efforts or acts of kindness in school
  • Each week we nominate a child from each class to be ‘Star of the Week’ to which we invite parents of those who will receive the reward. Each nominee receives a certificate in the weekly Celebration assembly and a fast pass to lunch
  • Pupils who are consistently displaying aspects of the Culture Pyramid are nominated by staff and peers to become 'Culture Champions'
  • 'Culture Champions' are an elite group of pupils from across all phases who exemplify our expectations, they are rewarded with a certificate and personalised badge displaying the aspect of our Culture Pyramid that they consistently demonstrate
  • Excellent attendance and punctuality are celebrated in the weekly Celebration assembly- we expect over 96% from each class
  • Pupils with 100% attendance termly are rewarded with special certificates and prizes
  • Classes with 100% for that week are also awarded with certificates and an early lunch