Home Learning Stars 


Ameerah has been completing all of her online learning tasks this week and has made so much progress. I am SO proud of her reading and how far she has come. She is a SUPERSTAR and I always look forward to seeing her work! Well done Ameerah!


Ayana has tried so hard in her online learning this week. She  completes all her work to an excellent standard and joins in with every catch up! She is a SUPERSTAR maths magician and her phonics gets better every day, and we are so proud of her!

Da Vinci

Afreen has shown a growth mindset through completing and excelling in her challenges every day, and has been a fantastic contributor in our daily catch-up sessions. Well done Afreen!


Congratulations to Yasin who has shown a new vigour and enthusiasm coming into the new term of online learning. It is fantastic to see you working hard every day!


Nyasia has been so consistent in her work in and out of school. She always produces high quality work and makes sure she attempts the challenges for each lesson. 


David has produced wonderful work every day on Seesaw! We have been so impressed by the quality of his work and how hard he's been learning.


Since home learning has began, Aayan has continuously produced great work. His growth mindset towards his work has impressed all of us and we are very proud. Well done Aayan!


Xi Wen started producing excellent work and she is consistent on Seesaw. Well done Xi Wen!


Khadijah has done some amazing work this week! She has completed 100% of her work to an incredibly high standard. She is a superstar!

Lee Brown

Youmna has worked incredibly hard on every task this week and really listened to the feedback we have given her. We are particularly impressed with how she is using vocabulary from her science lessons in her big write- well done!


Naqeeb has consistently been putting in 100% effort with his home learning and made some great contributions this week in our daily catch ups! Keep up the great work!


Natara has showed great professionalism and growth mindset during this period of home learning. She has consistently completed all of her work at the highest standard!


Samia has really impressed me by her high quality of work and the effort she has been putting into every piece. She is consistently completing the task to a high standard and presentation. Keep it up Samia!


Dwayne has been enjoying our class catch ups. I have been very impressed with his punctuality, professionalism on Teams and his willingness to join in on conversations. Well done!

PE stars of the week from home


Manel for great explanation and use of different body parts, whilst balancing.

Samia for a fantastic drawing and informative piece about Serena Williams.


Carmen for an excellent video presentation and fitness workout.

Community Classroom Stars 


Ivy is polite and courteous and always works to do her best.


Dylan has shown such professionalism in our CC this week – his behaviour has been great and he has tried so hard to regulate his emotions! His input in every lesson is great - always showing good listening and answering class questions. He has also been doing excellent learning during Discover & Do too! Well done Dylan, Ms Shah and Ms Carpenter are very proud!

Year 1

Yafet has been contributing in our History lessons with great enthusiasm and new ideas! It was wonderful to hear everything you knew about Viking boats!

Year 2

Maya works so hard every day to complete all her work. She contributes in class discussions and has made great progress. Well done Maya!

Year 3

Our star of the week is Maryam for joining community class and producing outstanding work and working independently. Well done Maryam, keep it up!

Year 4

Vanessa is our star of the week for an outstanding attitude this week.

Year 5

Luis has made a great start to the half term! He has worked very hard in Maths this week and has been making good progress with his work on fractions, Well done Luis!

Year 6

Shalom has made great effort this week and has been showing a fantastic attitude to learning. He gets on with his work and has been respectful to adults and pupils.