Home Learning Stars 


Aaliyah has shown high engagement with her home learning on Seesaw. Well done!


Tyler has shown so much effort and enthusiasm for his online learning and has improved in all areas! He has been active on Seesaw and submitted all his work on time! Well done Tyler!


Victoria has been so dedicated to her online learning, handing in all her work on time every day and always giving 100%. We are SO proud of her English and phonics uploads – she is writing full sentences AND using finger spaces! She can use Fred to help her spell words too so a BIG well done to Victoria! Miss Carpenter and Miss Ilhaam are so proud. 

Da Vinci

Badarudheen has been working so hard on his hand-writing and making an amazing introduction video!


Feeryalle has shown amazing commitment and focus to her online learning. Not only does she submit her work but she goes above and beyond by recording her reading and understanding.


Copernicus have adjusted so well to their new way of learning at home and we have been so impressed with the quality of work they are producing. Well done Copernicus!


Rianna has gone above and beyond to complete every lesson this week, all with wonderful presentation. She has also uploaded voice notes and drawings and we are very proud of how hard she's working and the standard of her work!


Joyce has been completing 100% of her work since we began. We are so proud of how much effort she has been putting into her independent practise. Keep it up Joyce!


Patrick has been super active on Seesaw. We have been extremely proud of his recent Maths work. It is evident that Patrick worked really hard to achieve the learning goal.  


Jasmine has completed all of her work to such a high standard. She has done an amazing job!

Lee Brown

Rodrigo has completed 100% of the work every single day without fail. It is clear he puts an immense amount of hard work and effort into each piece of work which shows his independence and resilience. We are incredibly proud of him and can’t wait to see his continued hard work next week. Well done!


Bamise has completed every single task set on Seesaw so far and has done so with a really high standard of work. Her presentation is always excellent, and in Maths always shows her working to cement her understanding. Well done!


Dorcas has been completing all of her work at the highest standard! She has really impressed us by the thought and care she has put into her English work!


Well done to Safiyah. She has produced outstanding work over the past 2 weeks of home learning. She always puts in 100% effort which shows in the quality of her work. She has been an independent learner throughout and not missed a single piece of work. Well done Safiyah!


Zaina has been completing all her home-learning since the start of term to an extremely high standard. She is very thorough, shows all her working out and presents her work professionally. Keep up the amazing work!

Community Classroom Stars 


Rayan has impressed his teachers this week with a fantastic attitude to learning. Well done Rayan!


Aaliyah has worked so hard in the Community Classroom this week and we are very proud of her!

Year 1

Safa has shown some fantastic determination in her maths work this week. Well done!

Year 2

Ibrahim has shown great confidence this week and we have been delighted to hear him speaking more in class.

Year 3

During maths on Thursday, Marsha completed her work and supported her Community Class friend Elizabeth in understanding, completing and reflecting with an editing pen. This made the teachers very proud! Well done Marsha, you are ready for Year 4!

Year 4

Tyler has shown great professionalism in the Community Classroom this week and has put 100% effort into all his lessons.

Year 5

Aayan has had such a great week! He has been working really hard and setting a great example to the rest of year 5. Keep up the great work Aayan!

Year 6

Ronan has put fantastic effort into every lesson in the Community Classroom. He is a role model!