Primary Remote Learning Provision

During School Closure, it is important that every child continues to receive high quality teaching across the curriculum through Remote Learning. In order to provide this, teachers upload daily video lessons onto Seesaw and pupils must submit the task for every lesson on Seesaw. Seesaw also acts as a daily touchpoint where pupils can connect with others in the class in a safe online environment which is supervised constantly by school staff.

Engagement is being carefully monitored to ensure every family receives the support they need to set their child up for success at home.

Paper workpacks are also being provided to support further home learning, as well as an exercise book for every child to use when completing their daily lesson tasks. 

We recognise that families are working hard to ensure their children are learning at home, and different schedules may work for different households. However, please see our suggested timetables for Remote Learning below. 

If parents require any support with Remote Learning, they can contact the year group teachers via the year group email addresses.

We will be sharing Stars of the Week here.

We look forward to speaking with families during their weekly phonecalls and are very proud of the work being submitted on Seesaw.

You can find below work packs for each year group and other mentioned pages.  

Seesaw, Stars of the Week and letters