Year 9s successfully completed ‘Homes for Cathy’ project

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Ark Globe Academy Year 9 students participated in a four-week project called “Homes for Cathy”, an education programme, emphasising homelessness in the UK, raising awareness amongst young people, as well as giving them the necessary tools to prevent homelessness. The project, delivered by housing association Wandle, and named in honour of Ken Loach’s film “Cathy Come Home”, was jointly facilitated by Ark Globe Academy.

Our students participated in the workshops and impressed Wandle trainers with their very active engagement and enthusiasm in tackling homelessness. They challenged the stereotypes about homelessness with role-plays, created ideas, and did research on real life examples - exploring what causes homelessness and how to prevent it.

Omayr said: “I love the project, because I learned how to help homeless people. I didn’t know much about homelessness before the project. I thought homeless people chose to be homeless, and that it was how they were. I learned that you don’t choose to be homeless.”

Lemuel said: “It was interesting to find out what are the reasons for people becoming homeless. I will definitely work with charities to help them. Now I see how they suffer; I want to help them try to get back to work and to change their lives.”

The project was delivered over 4 weeks, and covered practical skills like researching the supportive organisations and networks available to help homeless people, home budgeting, and organising community support. The project also targeted the stigma on homeless people, stressing the fact that it is very much of the reality faced by some young people.

Ark Globe Academy’s Finance and Resources Director, Jo Watts said: “We are really excited about the enthusiasm of our students and how they would like to work further on battling homelessness. Their determination reflects our school’s Culture Pyramid, which includes ‘Social Justice’ as our purpose. We are proud of the Professionalism and Growth Mindset they demonstrated throughout this project.”