Year 6 Business Day

Wednesday 15 August 2018

Some of our Year 6 students spent a day with our Academy’s Business Support Team. The Business Support Team consists of Finance, Marketing, Catering, Student Services, Reprographics, Human Resources, Reception and Premises. Every student had a chance to work with every one of these departments on their Business Day. In the kitchen, they made chicken wraps, popcorn, milkshake and pizza, and generally helped the catering staff to prepare the lunch for the whole school. With Marketing, they prepared goody bags which they enjoyed receiving, took pictures and tweeted about their first business experience.

Reception was one of the busy but fun working stations for Year 6s, as they liked watching the security cameras, signing the visitors in and out, using walkie talkies, and building relationships with other people when answering the phone. Some of the Year 6s helped the reception by walking some external visitors to their meeting rooms and made a great impression on the visitors.

Farmanullah said that the favourite part of the day for him was preparing envelopes to be sent to Secondary students’ home at the Student Services. Anwar said that he loved cooking and now he can make chicken wraps at home. Anisha enjoyed the amazing view from the roof – where they were taken as a part of the work with the Premises team. They all said that they would love to work for Ark Globe Business Support Team in the future. It was a fantastic day for both the students and the staff.