Year 6 - BST Work Experience Day

Wednesday 14 August 2019

Every year some of our Year 6 students spend a whole day with our Academy’s Business Support Team as a work experience day. Year 6s get the insight and experience of different fields of work that our Business Support Team covers, including finance, marketing, catering, premises, student services… Students came in their professional attire and had a chance to work with every one of our departments. In the kitchen, they created the dessert to be served at the Principal’s lunch, and generally helped the catering staff to prepare lunch for the whole school.

They counted a large amount of coins to support our finance department and did filing for human resources. Reception was one of the busiest work stations for our Year 6s. They enjoyed welcoming guests to the academy, signing them in on our digital visitor system and watching the security cameras. The student services office was another fun place for the students as they prepared envelopes to be sent to the homes of Secondary students. Seeing the view from the roof and using Walkie Talkies, as part of facilities department work, were amongst the favourite activities of our work experience students. They thoroughly loved working with our Business Support team and it was a fantastic day for the staff too!