Year 12 students take the ROAR challenge

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Students in year 12 have been gaining life skills and experience by taking part in the ROAR challenge. The challenge, which was founded by the charity RISE, partners the Ark Globe students with Indian students in West Bengal who they directly connect with through the Yearn to Learn programme. To complete the challengs, the students have to create and run their own social enterprises and, with the profits they raise, help to improve the literacy of the students they directly connect with in India. As well as Ark Globe, there are five other London-based schools taking part in the challenge.In May, the best team from each school will then go head to head and present their learning journey to a panel of high profile judges, who will decide on the overall winner of the challenge. We asked our students what they have to say about the challenge so far:

Team 1 – Current C

‘Our social enterprise consists of two ideas; a bake sale and a football tournament. We chose a bake sale because we were confident that it would raise lots of money based on past experience. We also chose to host a football tournament because football is the primary sport played at Ark Globe Academy and therefore would get students interested. Our goal is to generate the most revenue to give back to India to improve their school facilities and to raise awareness of RISE’s work. We have learnt throughout this process that it is difficult to maintain a social enterprise whilst studying, however if you work together and put your mind to a task; you and your team can meet and exceed your own expectations and change the lives of others’.

Team 2 – Girl Power

‘The project we came up with was a car wash and food sale, which will include waffles, doughnuts, pancakes, cupcakes, cookies etc. We have already started the car wash which is targeted at teachers/parents that park on school premises and we will begin the food sale in April. With this project we have gained different marketing skills and learnt how to broadcast ideas as well as gained an insight into how business works. At the end of this project we hope to earn at least £300 for the car wash and at least £200 for the food sale. If we achieve our goal the money raised will help three students in India receive an education for three years’.

Team 3 – The Rangers

‘Our social enterprise idea is a sports day and a fundraiser. The sports day event will be a series that includes different sports activities, including football, basketball and dodgeball. The fundraiser will involve a group of students going to Westfield Stratford to raise awareness of RISE’s charity work and collect donations. As a group, we’re planning to raise at least £400 for the Yearn to Learn programme. By the end of the challenge we hope to have several happy customers and enough revenue to help our partners. From our social enterprise, we learnt very important skills such as teamwork, organisation, communication, and leadership skills. We will remember this experience for a long time and we hope that we are able to support as many children as possible.

We have developed many skills since starting this challenge; we have all increased in confidence and learnt how to overcome barriers whilst running our own temporary businesses. Through this experience we have begun to understand the differences in the way of life in the UK and in India, which has made us become more appreciative of what we have’.