Year 11s' Afternoon Tea

Tuesday 04 December 2018

Every November, we run the first mock exam season of the year for Year 11s and year 13s. This is to prepare them for GCSE and A level exams in the Summer Term. Through the mocks, students get to experience and learn the practice of sitting an intense, long exam, and they get their mock exam results to see what they need to improve upon and have a chance to reflect on their targets. After another busy mock exam period was over, our Year 11s had a lovely Afternoon Tea, which was well-deserved. They shared the great food, which was prepared by our catering team and had a chance to spend some time with their Learning Family teachers, and wrote ‘Thank You’ cards to each other. Daniella, our Head Girl, thanked all of their teachers and particularly Ms Brown, who organised the Afternoon Tea which they really enjoyed, and for all of their support on behalf of the all Year 11s. 

Principal, Mr Jones, stressed the importance of student wellbeing and said: “After an intense period of mock exams at Ark Globe Academy, Year 11 deserve some time to reflect and reconnect with each other and our staff.”