A Wonderful World Book Day

Monday 08 April 2019

We had a wonderful, colourful and stimulating World Book Day across the academy. Primary decided on the theme of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for the day, hence the students and teachers came to the school dressed as their favourite characters from the acclaimed novel. We had the parade of Alices, Mad Hatters, Queens of Hearts (including our Primary Principal, Ms Colburn), Duchesses, and many more… We also had some unexpected characters, such as the ‘drink me’ bottle which was wordn by Ms Kimberley!

Primary also had a big assembly, competitions and presentations of the projects that they had been undertaking for World Book Day.

Our Year 8, 9 and 10 students welcomed children and young adults’ writer, poet and novelist Miriam Halahmy. The famous author read passages from her novels in the library and students enjoyed acting as the characters from the books. Halahmy gave tips about creative writing and also gave away some of her books to our students. The day was enjoyed by everyone!