Wonderful GCSE results for our Academy

Thursday 04 October 2018

Congratulations to all of our Year 11s who achieved excellent GCSE results. The results make Ark Globe once again one of the top performing schools around the country. Here are some of our high achievers:

Kirsten Martey-Botchway (6x9s, 2A*s and 3x8s)

Kirsten received fantastic GCSE results. She said: “If feels a bit unreal at the moment. I wasn’t expecting these results; I am quite surprised.”

“I am thinking of pursuing more logical subjects in my A levels. I am thinking of doing Chemistry, Physics and Maths.”

Kirsten praised one of the beliefs of Ark Globe Academy, which is also a part of the Academy’s Culture Pyramid.  “At Ark Globe, they really enforce the idea of having a growth mindset and how success isn’t automatic, it comes through being resilient through failures. I had to undergo a lot of personal challenges in my life. So to still remain strong and to actually get to deliver where I could succeed in my GCSEs is quite encouraging.”

“I suffer from low self-confidence and have anxiety disorder. At times it makes it hard even to come to school and study. But the whole school staff and my friends here have been really supportive. The teachers were really motivating and understanding of what I’ve got. It just really helps me to endure through those difficulties.”

Kirsten gives advice to younger years: “I would just say to keep working hard no matter what you are going through. Commit to yourself; it’s all about consistency and being persistent as well.”


Brenda Irabor (3x9s, A, 4x8 and 2x7s)

Brenda is another student with very successful GCSE results. She said: “I was really happy. I saw my first grade and I burst into tears. As I was reading the rest, I got happier and happier.”

“I read them myself, took it in. Then I called my mum, she was screaming on the phone. Then I called my cousin, she is like a sister to me, and she started crying on the phone. Everyone is just really happy.”

Brenda is pleased with her results and to see that the hard work paid off: “Even if the GCSEs are not the end door, for me, this is the biggest thing right now. Everyone has seen how much I put into it, how much I stressed about it. Obviously getting the results makes everyone happy, not just me.”

“I feel really good, because I struggled and it’s been quite hard. But right now I am in a place where I am just very happy and all of the efforts paid off.”

Brenda also praised her teachers’ support: “My teachers were really on it with interventions right from the start. They are always willing to help. Mr Harding is not even my teacher, but I went to him and asked if he could help me with English Literature and he gave up his lunch times for me. My teachers were always there to make sure I know where I was strong and where my weaknesses were, what I need to work on. That was very helpful for me.”

Answer Ogbonnaya (9, A*, 2x8s, 4x7s, 6 and 5)

Answer was very happy to get her results. She said: “I am happy, I didn’t expect to do so well.”

“Overall, I think that I deserve these results, because I worked hard. It was a long year, but I am glad that this is over.”

Answer said that the interventions and the exam practice she got at Ark Globe really helped her through the real exams. She was also very happy for her friends at Ark Globe: “At Ark Globe, I feel like all of us are a big family, we all help each other in many ways. Today seeing my friends doing so well, I shed a few tears.”

Matt Jones, Principal said: “Congratulations to our Year 11 students on another wonderful set of GCSE results. This means that so many of our students are going to the chosen courses. I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of our staff and wider community for ensuring that Ark Globe had another successful year.”

Well done to all of our Year 11s! Another piece of fantastic news is that all of our high achievers now go to Ark Globe Sixth Form. It is great to have them in the Academy during the sixth form and to continue working with them.