We launched our Teaching and Learning Bulletin

Thursday 04 May 2017

Our teachers at Ark Globe Academy developed the project of publishing a regular teaching and learning bulletin, “Talking Teaching”. This bulletin aims to capture ideas around teaching and learning as well as the culture in our school by sharing best practices and providing a forum that can help stimulating discussion. The first issue is out now, and has already received very good feedback from internal and external readers.

Narayan Deb, a Lead Practitioner at Ark Globe Academy, has led the editorial board. Talking about the reasons of producing the publication Mr Deb said “The bulletin was born out of a discussion between myself, Ed Harding (AP for Teaching and Assessment) and Morgan Haines (Associate Principal) as a way of keeping the discussion alive regarding teaching and learning. Personally, I wanted a platform to unify the different elements that make Globe what it is on a daily basis – a way to bring everything together. Also, to give subjects and staff members that would not normally receive wide attention a voice.”

Mr Deb also pointed out the importance of this bulletin: “This is crucial to me as it elevates the profile of teaching and learning, ensuring that it stimulates discussion about what happens in our classrooms.”

“Talking Teaching” is open for submissions from all Ark Globe Academy staff and students.

The first issue of this bulletin can be read here: TalkingTeaching issue 1 - APRIL 2017