We launched the Globe Wings

Monday 19 August 2019

At the end of the term we had a very exciting event: the launch of Globe Wings! We organised a special project for our 10th anniversary, with the amazing support of one of our business partners, Brands2Life. As part of this project we asked every single student about their career aspiration and compiled this inspiring data to be used in creating this public artwork.

Each feather of the wings has been individually drawn and coloured in by our students, and designed by Tasha Lean, Senior Designer at Brands2Life. The wings are now on display as an immense, 5-metre-wide, multi-coloured installation near the Primary entrance of the Academy to inspire more students and the wider community.

Our students are aiming high, with a career as a doctor coming out on top as the number one job choice. This fits with the general theme that over a third (34%) of students are keen to embark on a STEM career, with the medical profession ranking highest within that bracket. Meanwhile, over one in ten (11%) students are looking to enter the sporting arena, with footballer ranking highest.

However, while the more traditional career pathways, such as doctor, lawyer and teacher still feature in the Top 10, nearly 20 new professions have emerged since the academy was first founded, including game designer, Youtuber and influencer.

“In order to help the next generation on their path to success, it is crucial for businesses to engage with them,” commented Matt Jones, our Principal. “This is something that we pride ourselves on as a school, forging partnerships with businesses in the local community. However, it needs to be executed on a national scale, if it is going to have the required impact.”

For our students to progress within their chosen careers, it is vital for local businesses and organisations to help provide connections, advice and work experience. We run an extensive programme to prepare our students for the world of work, including regular Enrichment Days and an annual Futures Week for Year 10 students. This has seen involvement from companies spanning different sectors, including Brands2Life, Lendlease, Brewin Dolphin, Arma Partners, Ernst & Young and Fulham FC.

Matt Jones continues: “I’m immensely proud of our students’ aspirations as we celebrate our 10th anniversary. Our ethos as a school is, and always has been, to support and encourage young people in the pursuit of their dreams. Our students are ambitious, and I have no doubt that they will realise their expectations.”

Here are the top 10 jobs:

1. Doctor

2. Footballer

3. Teacher

4. Lawyer

5. Engineer

6. Actor

7. Businessperson

8. Youtuber

9. Police officer

10. Entrepreneur