To University Life: Our First Ever Oxbridge Offer

Monday 24 April 2017

While approaching the end of Spring Term, we celebrated the success of our 6th Formers who were offered places prominent universities in the UK, including The University of Manchester, University of Warwick, King’s College London, University of York and Imperial College London. Another offer constituted a milestone for our academy; Zareen was offered a place at the University of Cambridge. With this, as Ark Globe Academy and our community, we celebrated our first ever Oxbridge offer!

Zareen wants to study Human, Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge. She says that it all came as a surprise to her. “I never expected I’d get in. With all of the opportunities that Cambridge could give, with the fact that coming from South East London, and being a black woman, going to Cambridge is a huge deal. I have year 7-8 to 10s coming up and saying ‘Wow! It’s amazing; I want to do that too’. I am proud to be potentially representing a group that isn’t often represented, often feels there is a long way to go in getting to where they need to be.”

Zareen tells how she thinks that she flourished in Ark Globe Academy, where she joined in Year 8: “Globe has just given me so many opportunities to speak, to really shine and get people to shine along with me. I don’t think I could be in the position I am now if I wasn’t at Globe. Being in this community where people are so outspoken, and supportive, definitely helped me.”

Although she believes that they haven’t yet fully processed the news, Zareen and her mother are over the moon with her being accepted to Cambridge. Zareen is a co-founder of Globe Poets, and she stresses the importance of having a passion, like poetry, that would go hand in hand with academics.

Ester is another success story with offers from the University of Manchester, the University of East Anglia and more. She wants to study for a bachelor’s degree in International Business Management and Economics.

Ester emphasises the support of Globe since Primary: “My teachers have not only helped me with my health condition, which has affected my education, but also with becoming the person I am now. They supported me in receiving speaking therapy and tailoring the schedule for my needs. They made sure that I would get to the point I needed to.”

Ester says that her teachers set the bar higher, and planted faith in her: “Teachers usually have the best idea on which field would be best for us to choose. I could get to see a business environment and loved Economics as a subject. When we weren’t very satisfied with my A level results, Ms Donachy, the head of 6th Form, advised me to choose Business Pathways. This changed my mindset completely; my confidence increased, I developed communication and leadership skills. I have been elected as Student Union President this year.”

After graduating from university, Ester would like to work abroad and come back to London in a managerial position. “This is such a big dream for someone with my background, and as a female too. Becoming the CEO of a big company… This is how I see myself in the future.” says Ester.

Our 6th Formers are an inspiration for all pupils. As much as we celebrate the firsts in our school, we are also very proud of all our students securing places in these important universities of the UK. We're certain that they will be an asset to their future universities and contribute to their communities immensely. Congratulations to all students for their well-deserved offers!

You can read full version of interviews with Zareen and Ester by clicking on their names.