Poetry Slam 2017: An evening dedicated to ‘Truth’

Wednesday 08 March 2017

The award-winning Globe Poets spoke out for the ‘Truth’ and competed at their Poetry Slam event in early February. The Poetry Slam, with over 400 guests, was a wonderful evening and one of the largest events the school has ever hosted.

18 extraordinary young poets performed in front of the reputable judges, Young Poet Laureate for London and Globe alumni Caleb Femi, Lead Practitioner Holly Rigby, Zareen Roy Macauley and Aneesha Hussain, Year 13 Globe Poets who were in the 2016 team. The audience listened with rapt attention to every word uttered, and unconditional respect was given to every young poet on stage. Globe Poets have prepared for this evening for 6 months, and besides working on perfecting their poetry and performance, they took up the role of organizing the event, designing social media announcements, making the fundraiser film and the poster for the event. They also designed an online fundraising campaign for sponsoring their trip to San Francisco. Their campaign was backed by 95 supporters and raised an incredible £ 8,515! This amount is 106% of their innitial target.

We now have our team of 8 young poets who will be representing London at Brave New Voices 2017. Congratulations to Brenda, Barbara, Tatiana (Year 10), Halil, Shekeem, Aaron, James (Year 11) and Tasnima (Year 13) whose poetic truth-telling wowed the audience of students and supporters. They took on challenging political issues from gentrification to Islamophobia, as well as personal stories of love, loss and family relationships.

Globe Academy has a history of creating extraordinary poets. Caleb Femi said “Globe Poets are a rare phenomenon. To think some of London’s most inspiring and talented young poets stem from the school I went to as a boy make me very proud indeed.”

The slam was held to choose the team who will travel to San Francisco this summer to compete at Brave New Voices – the largest international youth poetry slam in the world. Last year, Globe Poets were the first ever team from London to compete in this international event, and travelled to Washington DC.

Many thanks to all who supported the young poets of Ark Globe Academy!