Oxbridge offer celebration at our academy

Monday 19 February 2018

Our second Oxbridge offer since opening three years ago

The whole academy celebrated some fantastic news in January. Our Globe Sixth Form student, Eduardo, received an offer to study Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford.

He is the second student in Ark Globe Sixth Form history to receive an Oxbridge offer since the school opened only 3 years ago. We had Zareen last year who got an offer from the University of Cambridge, and where she is now studying Human, Social, Political Sciences.

Eduardo, who came to the UK from Spain only 5 years ago joined Globe at Year 7. He was extremely happy and proud when he found out about the offer.

“This is the first time in my life I feel pride, coming from not speaking English five years ago to receiving an offer from the University of Oxford,” he said. “I never imagined even to get an interview; I always had Cambridge, natural sciences, in my mind, until this summer when I decided to have more focus on biological sciences.”

Eduardo said that he did not expect to get an offer from Oxford, nevertheless, he wanted to try. “I never saw myself in Oxford actually, but I had the wish, I hoped to be there. I wanted to know if I put myself against the best what would happen. If I got in, it would be wonderful.”

Eduardo said his interest in Biology started last year after an accident left his friend paralysed, and after he began researching his brother’s epilepsy. “I have a friend who played for my football team,” he said. “Due to an accident he became paralysed. This hit me very hard. I wanted to find out more about it, how we could take on this situation. That’s why I started working more in Biology.”

“The second reason why I’m interested in Biology is my brother, who is epileptic. Over the summer I applied for Nuffield Research Placement and got this placement to research the temporal lobe epilepsy at the University College London. After having done this research, I understand a lot more and what to do in certain scenarios. This helped to adapt his life to that as well.”

He now is now working on securing the required grades from his A-levels to start his education at Oxford. Eduardo is an inspiration for all of our community.