Outstanding A level success for our students

Thursday 24 August 2017

We had a fantastic day celebrating our 6th Formers’ outstanding A level results: The number of students achieving the top grades rose yet again and we are sending our first student to ‘Oxbridge’!

The number of students achieving at least three A* to B grades increased from 30% to 47% this year - the grades needed to get into the country’s top universities. Our students who got at least three A* to C grades also increased from 45% to 77%, and the overall pass rate was 100%. All of our students received university offers - 60% of these at Russell Group Universities (the top research universities).

We are sending our first student to ‘Oxbridge’ after our 6th Form opened only 2 years ago

Our former head girl, Zareen, got three A*s in History, English Literature and Psychology and is set to take up a place studying Human, Social and Political Sciences (HSPS) at University of Cambridge. She is a recipient of a bursary from the Reuben Scholarship Programme to help support her through university.

Being a core member of the young poets’ collective at the academy, Globe Poets, Zareen had a poetic first reaction to her results: “I am over the moon and shocked – it's a strange cocktail of feelings, but it’s a fantastic feeling.”

Zareen credits the support she received at Ark Globe with helping to prepare her for university: “I don’t think I’d be where I am now without the support of my teachers, 6th Form staff and my friends in the Globe community. I’ve always been around ambitious people here. With their passion for social justice and reaching our goals, my community at Globe has provided me with a never-ending source of inspiration.”

Abibat got A*, A and B and will go to University of Warwick to study Law and Sociology. Her plan is to train as a solicitor after completing her degree.

Abibat said: “I’m very happy and I’m also pretty shocked and excited! I expected to do well, but not this well. I am happy that I made my family proud; all of my efforts from the past 2 years have paid off.”

Abibat has been a Globe student since Year 8: “I came back to the UK after a few years in Nigeria, and since then I’ve been at Globe. Our teachers encouraged us even when we didn’t believe in ourselves. Especially during the exam season they have been extremely supportive; they worked longer hours, helped with the essays... Teachers also helped with other activities, not necessarily just on the academic side, but more to release the stress we had. They assured us that the grades don’t define us. Regardless of how high or low the grades we get, that doesn’t have to determine the path we are going to take.”

Alex got three As in biology, maths and physics. He will study Biomedical Sciences at the University of Warwick.

Alex said: “I’m very happy. I worked pretty hard, this year was tough. Going to Warwick is a big step, and living by myself, and I am very excited about this.” 

He also praised the teachers’ support through his journey of finding where his passion lies: “I’ve been at Globe since year 7. The teachers are so supportive; you can talk about anything. I had maybe four different career changes that I needed to do. My teachers finally helped me to find this path, and I am very happy about it.”

Our Principal Matt Jones said: “Our excellent A level results put us in the top 10% of 6th Form providers in the country. This means all of our Year 13 students have secured places at university and 60% at Russel Group universities (top research universities). I am extremely privileged and proud to be working with such a dedicated group of students and adults who’ve made this excellent achievement possible.”

Miriam Baldwin, Head of 6th Form said: “I am incredibly proud of our students. They are the definition of growth mindset, independence and resilience. Doing A levels is no easy feat, so it is with immense pride that we had a 100% pass rate and the best results in our network.”

“At Globe 6th Form, it’s not just about getting great results. It’s about developing fantastic young people who are well rounded, aware of the world and understand who they are. When they go through our 6th Form, they start to develop their real identity; what they enjoy, what they love, what they are passionate about. It is so great at the end to see their fantastic results but more than that, it is seeing the person they have developed into.” 

We congratulate all of our 6th Form on their fantastic achievements.