Our Year 10 student Kirsten published an article on public health

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Kirsten from Year 10 worked on the subject of health inequalities in the UK with her supervisor Dr Ponsford at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine as a part of her participation in the Brilliant Club, a charity which links PhD candidates and non-selective school pupils. This collaboration is a part of Ark Globe Academy’s Scholars Programme, where students complete university style tutorials and assignments. 

As a result of her work, Kirsten wrote an article and it was successfully selected from hundreds of submissions to be published in the prestigious The Scholar magazine.

In her article, Kirsten explored past researches on nutrition, starting from the Black Report, dated 1980, which highlighted that people who were in lower socioeconomic classes had a lower life expectancy than those who were in higher classes. Kirsten underlined that health inequalities are still a problem in the UK despite advancement in healthcare, as those who are more advantaged. Kirsten’s article discusses various factors that contribute to health inequalities, including pragmatic explanations such as material and psychological factors, behavioural and cultural analysis and various theories that have been discredited or criticised.

Her supervisor, Dr Ponsford said that Kirsten demonstrated sophisticated understanding and critical engagement with different explanations for inequalities in public health, while she skilfully applied appropriate literature on her article. Dr Ponsford also commented on her work in comparison to undergraduate students: “I would be surprised if many undergraduate students could craft something this good in that length of time!”

Our school community is very happy with this good-read on a very important subject has been produced and extremely proud of Kirsten’s achievement and the hard work and dedication that was put in to the article.