National Poetry Day Competition

Tuesday 04 December 2018

We celebrated National Poetry Day in October. The day is acknowledged in our academy as a chance for everyone to read, share and enjoy poetry. On this special day, students were invited to go to the library at lunch time to read poems and enter a competition by writing a poem on the topic of ‘Autumn’. We had 2 winners who were given a free book and a certificate each. Both from Year 7,  Halimat won with her poem called “Autumn” and Danette was awarded with her poem “Autumn Leaf”. Congratulations to both of our winning poets!

We will continue celebrating book related events in the library by organising competitions. The next competition will be on World Book Day – stay tuned to find out about the event.

Here are the winning poems by our students:


Autumn Leaf

The leaf falls,

Its falls, falls, falls,

The golden leaf falls,

And it lands in a puddle,

It is blown by the winds,

Up into the skies,

Where all leaves go,

Where they find their true selves,

The leaf then falls again when the spring comes,

And it joins all the leaves,

On the tree,

A green leaf,

Transformed by the beauty,

And grace,

Of autumn,

Golden autumn.

Danette, Year 7








The leaves fall down,

On to the floor,

*Wish Wash*,

Trees falling on the house,

Rain dripping,

Drip Drop Drip Drop,

Wind blowing the leafs left and right,

The sun coming and flowers blooming,

Wet floor splashing,

Spleesh Sploosh Splash.

Halimat, Year 7