Mock Exams

Monday 05 March 2018

Before the nationwide GCSE and A level exams start in the Summer term, we have two rounds of mock exams in our academy to prepare our students for the real thing.

This year, after the first round of mocks, we also organized a ‘mock results day’.

Our Pentagon Hall was prepared with balloons, trophies, high achievement certificates and every student received a bag of presents: highlighters and revision cards.

Our students were excited to receive their results paper – even if it was a mock!

After collecting the results envelopes, students had a chance to talk to their teachers about the results and high achievers received awards. The students were given a chance to reflect on their next steps at end of the ceremony.

Three of our top achievers were Kirsten, Mayowa and Shaquil. Kirsten received 5 9s, 1 9- and 3 8s. She said that she is quite happy and her parents will be proud. She also said that she would improve her 8s. Mayowa said that he now knew what to improve. Shaquil was happy with his results and plans to work very hard until the real exams.

We wish the best of luck to our students in their real GCSE and A level exams in the Summer term.