Making our faces funny for money – Red Nose Day 2015

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Our children, teachers and staff got into the spirit of Red Nose Day 2015 to raise money for the charity’s fantastic projects that really do change people’s lives. Together we raised approximately £500.

The primary school children contributed £1 to dress in red and make their faces funny for money. In a special assembly they performed poetry the children had written and sang the official Red Nose Day song ‘Making Funny Faces’ 

The rest of the day was truly inspired by the words of the song:
“Put on a funny face!
We’ve got some money to raise,
Let’s do whatever it takes
To make the world a happier place!

Try some zany glasses, even wear moustaches
For the funniest face in town.
Do some crazy poses with your big Red Noses,
We’ll be making funny faces till the sun goes down!”

The children created their own ‘Funny Faces’ masks in the afternoon before taking part in “The Parade of the Funny Faces” to the loud applause and cheers of the other children and staff. It was a true festival of creativity! We’ve included some of the photos below – can you spot our Year 4 'photobomber'?

A cake sale and face painting also took place after school – with the delicious cakes disappearing fast.

In our sixth form crazy poses and red noses were the requirement of the day with students pulling their funniest face for the charity.

Our staff also got involved in the fundraising with red outfits, crazy hats and funny photos.

Thank you very much to everyone for taking part and for the children and their parents for the brilliant costumes on display.

For more information on Red Nose Day and to donate please visit