A Level Results Day 2021

Wednesday 11 August 2021

We celebrated another year of excellent A level results. This year, we are sending 38% of our students to a Russell Group university and 70% of our students are off to a top third destination – university, course or apprenticeship.

Including one of our students who secured a degree apprenticeship with the Bank of America and she will study Digital and Tech Solutions simultaneously. She is excited to become a ‘woman in tech’ and inspire younger generations.

Our Executive Principal, Mr Jones said: 

“Sixth Form Result Day is always an inspiring occasion. This year is not an exception. What the students achieved during a difficult time for them personally and for the country is extraordinary. It’s great to see so many of them secure high-quality destinations at either a top university or apprenticeship. I’d like to thank our students and adults at the Academy for their commitment to ensuring that every student reaches their full potential.”

Here are some of our high achievers. 

Ramon Vivasi

D* D* D* Business

Ramon will go to Nottingham Trent University to study Accounting and Finance. He said: 

“When I opened my results envelope, I was overwhelmed. Really surprised. I thought that maybe I would get one D*, but I got three! I am very happy.

I started at Globe at Year 7, but after Secondary, I left for a sixth form college. It wasn’t the right place for me. I came back to Globe after a few months there. Teacher support at Globe, especially during the lockdown was essential. They were very hands on. It was definitely helpful.

I will go to Nottingham Trent University to do a degree in Accounting and Finance. My brother works in finance, and he was my inspiration to go into this pathway."

Marin Dishkov

4 As in Biology, Maths, Physics and Extended Project

Marin will go to UCL to study Biomedical Engineering. He said: 

“It feels good to receive these results, it’s been a long journey for me. To be honest, I was expecting these results, but I didn’t want to jinx it, so I didn’t even say it to myself.

I came to Ark Globe in Year 8. I didn’t speak any English back then. I came from Bulgaria with my aunt and uncle. I worked very hard. I wasn’t the best student in Bulgaria and had to learn English first to achieve well here.

I will study Biomedical Engineering at the UCL. I am so excited about, can’t wait. I want to work for a company which makes bionic prosthetics. I wanted to get into this career firstly because of my grandma, who lost her leg and had to wear plastic prosthetics. It wasn’t comfortable for her. Then I watched a TED talk, which was very inspirational. This person, who gave the talk, lost his leg too and made his own prosthetic leg and was able to climb a mountain after that. I would like to work hard to make disabled people abled. That’s my aspiration.

My parents and siblings live in Bulgaria. I called them; they are all very happy for me.”

Divine Ayangbola

D* D* D Business

Divine will go to Nottingham Trent University to study Digital Marketing. He said: 

“I am very happy, overwhelmed. I didn’t expect to get D*s, I thought that I would get only Ds.

I am very happy and impressed with the results. I put a lot of hard work in. It was a journey. I wasn’t in school for two months, as I went to a sixth form college at first. I wasn’t happy there and came back to Globe. I had a lot to catch up. My teachers were very supportive. They helped me, pushed me, and kept me on my toes.

I will go to Nottingham Trent University and study Digital Marketing. I would like to work for a consultancy agency and help different companies to achieve their communication goals.

I play football too. I aim to play for the university team and a club in Nottingham.”

Tanjid Khan

D* D* D* Business

Tanjid will go to Queen Mary University to study Business Management. He said: 

“I was very happy to receive these results, but I was also expecting it. I will study Business Management at Queen Mary University.”

Moryam Begum 

3 As Computer Science, English Literature and Sociology

Moryam will go to UCL to study Security and Crime Science. She said: 

“When I opened the envelope, I felt shocked. I wasn’t expecting it.

I feel overwhelmed. I haven’t processed it yet. I called my mum and sister. They are very happy and proud.

I joined Globe in Year 12. Everyone was very welcoming. I quickly settled in and made friends.

I will study Security and Crime Science. I want to go into security sector and help make the world a safer place through technology.”

Salama Khan

2A*s Further Maths and Maths, and 2 As Computer Science and Physics

Salama will go to Kings College to study Computer Science. He said: 

“I chose to forget about the results, so I had no expectations. I am content now. I am grateful with what I got.

I will study Computer Science at King’s College London. I am very excited about it. It’s a new environment. I have been at Globe since Nursery, so it will be different.

There is no way to describe how grateful I am with my time at Globe, with the growth that I achieved. Globe has pushed me to become my own person and the individual I am today. I understood myself much better and now, I help other students to understand their problems and support them through their journeys.”

Safiya Behanzin

3Bs Chemistry, Maths and Physics

Safiya will start her degree apprenticeship with the Bank of America and study Digital and Tech Solution at Ada National College for Digital Skills. She said:

“I feel ready for the business world. I chose a degree apprenticeship, because I thought that I would do better in the world of work. I like multitasking and doing different things. I worked through my A levels, and I believe that it prepared me for the apprenticeship. I would like to see how the theory, what we learn during the degree, applies in actual situations.

I am also excited to work in tech industry, where there aren’t many women. This is definitely a different pathway that I take as a woman, when I look at my family history. I hope that I progress in the business world and inspire young people. Apprenticeship route is not spoken about enough.”

Kehinde Solowe

A* Biology and 2As Chemistry and Maths

Kehinde will go to UCL to study Biochemistry. She said: 

“I am happy and proud of myself. I see with the grades that I got and that my hard work paid off. I was surprised, as I didn’t expect to get A* in Biology.

I am relieved that me and my sister both got the same results. In GCSEs one of us got better result and we didn’t like it. I am very proud for both of us.

It was a tough year. I don’t know how I did during the lockdown. I felt lost at the beginning of the first lockdown, but then I made huge improvement. I am very grateful for the tiny space we created in our family’s living room with my sister. We live with our parents and two older brothers. We turned a tiny table into a workspace and it was in the same room with the TV. We sometimes had to ask our parents to turn the volume down. They were very understanding. I would like to thank our parents, brothers, and grandma for supporting us during the lockdown. Also, huge thank you to my sister. We supported each other, pushed each other and did revisions together.”

Deborah Solowe

A* Maths and 2As Chemistry and Physics

Deborah will go to UCL to study Engineering. She said: 

“It hasn’t sunk in yet. Because we didn’t do the exams, it was very different this year. I am very happy and very proud for my sister for keeping on going despite the challenges she had.

I recommend everyone to choose a subject that they will enjoy rather than just to get high grades. Doing the tasks before the lessons and pre-reading can also be very helpful. I think it’s good to be proactive learners.

I would like to thank my teachers, as they went outside their ways to support us. They created resources, videos during the lockdown and pushed us all.”

Ishraht Samad

D* D* D* Business

Ishraht will go to Queen Mary to study Accounting and Management. He said: 

“These results are very unexpected. I didn’t expect it, but we all worked very hard. It is so nice to see everyone happy. When you think, it’s well-deserved too. The community at Globe is perfect. It is helpful, friendly. I am very happy and excited for everyone.

I will study Accounting and Management at Queen Mary University, which was my first choice. I will take the chartered accountancy exam after the university.”