Khalid’s Public Health Art award

Wednesday 14 August 2019

We were so excited at the beginning of Spring Term, as one of our Year 7 students, Khalid, won the Southwark Public Health art competition. His artwork is used as the cover image of the Annual Public Health Report. Khalid first received a personalised certificate from Southwark’s Director of Public Health, and later in the month, he was presented his first prize (£200 Amazon voucher) by the Mayor of Southwark. Khalid, his parents and his teacher Ms West went to the award ceremony at Southwark Council, where Khalid’s artwork was showcased as part of an exhibition too.

Khalid said: “I tried to combine everything that I think about mental health in the artwork. I got different ideas, I was inspired by some of my Maths lessons, and my friends gave me a lot of confidence. To have confidence in yourself and having good people around you is very important for your wellbeing. It is not only important for mental wellbeing, but also how you think about the world around you. You need to be positive but also have some realism.“ With his prize Khalid got some gifts for his brother, sister and mum, as well as buying himself some art equipment.

Ms West said: “I'm extremely proud of Khalid for taking part in this competition and for putting in the effort to come up with such a fantastic entry! Khalid's winning design features both the scientific and emotional aspects of mental health and speaks of the importance of mental wellbeing for our young people. I am hoping that Khalid will continue to enter more competitions and encourage other boys to take part in the additional opportunities presented to them.” Congratulations to Khalid!