Joe Sutton From Arsenal talked to our Year 11s and Sixth Formers

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Joe Sutton, coach and pre-academy co-ordinator of Arsenal FC came to our school to talk to Year 11’s, Sports Professional Pathways students, and other Sixth Formers. Mr Sutton started his presentation by mentioning that he shared the vision of Ark Globe Academy, which highlights growth mindset and aspiration.

Joe Sutton talked about his personal journey, his experience in football and how he set his eyes on coaching. He also told about the different departments and career paths within Arsenal and wider sports industries. Students were surprised to hear that Arsenal FC has 23 departments with 580 full-time employees. These departments include media, box office, administration, accounting, commercial marketing and many more.

Joe Sutton’s biggest advice to our students was being eager about development and being coachable on every level of their future career. The talk was thoroughly enjoyed by our students.