Hero's Journey at our academy

Wednesday 20 December 2017

Some of our Year 7, 8 and 9 students participated in a programme to become a ‘hero’. Hero’s Journey is a mentoring programme for male students (‘heroes’) and includes weekly group discussions (‘journeys’) in their year groups. The students also receive  mentoring from older students in the Sixth Form.

Each week a different topic, such as courage, honesty, respect, equality is discussed and participants are encouraged to think about how to improve their behaviour in school. Approximately 50 boys have been included in the programme since it started in September 2016. Many heroes have made huge strides in their behaviours, and have become active, responsible and positive members of the Ark Globe community.

Some of our heroes and senior heroes have been photographed professionally as a part of this project. Congratulations to Demetri, Pharell and Amin for being selected as mentors for younger students this year. Demetri (Year 13) is hoping to study Sociology and Philosophy in university, and won a Jack Petchey award last year. Pharell (Year 10) has attended over 40 hours of journeys, and made an amazing progress. He has recently been elected as a Student Council representative. All of the boys who attend the programme regularly say the same thing: that Hero’s Journey helps them to develop positive relationships around school and to “think differently”!