Head Start ‘Social Action Showcase’

Tuesday 24 April 2018

30 of our Year 10 students have been participating in a 12 week programme called “Head Start”. The programme was designed and delivered by the charity The Challenge with the London Bubble Theatre, Football Beyond Borders and Lendlease. With the theatre and football charities, our students worked on confidence and presentation skills as well as promoting a community based project which was completely designed by themselves. Another focus of the programme is employability skills, as well as interview practice and work experience with Lendleadse.

After the first 6 weeks of the programme, our students prepared a play and a spoken word performance to be performed at the City Hall, in front of an audience including Matthew Ryder, London’s deputy mayor for social integration, social mobility and community engagement. The event was called ‘Social Action Showcase’.

They addressed hugely important subjects which matter to them in their performances and presentations at the showcase. Such as prejudice, sexism, body shaming, stress, stereotypes, cyber bullying, anxiety, peer pressure… They started their performance by saying: “We would like to challenge the perceptions of young people and our community” and throughout the event, they wowed the audience, as evident on social media with praises by both individuals and organisations.

The Head Start programme will continue with employability skill booster workshops by Lendlease.