The Great Debate: Art Education in Schools

Monday 05 March 2018

Students that attended the Debating Club organized another memorable debate in the Spring term. The topic was very timely and important: Schools need to take the arts more seriously. The teams debated whether subjects like art, drama, dance, music and media are valued as much as they should be by schools.

The main arguments were mostly around the importance of the 13% time spent in school - whether we need to focus on the core subjects and can do the arts in our free time, or whether the arts are an invaluable part of that time. There were also points about whether art is devalued by forcing students to do it at school; the idea of art being a means of expression and escape for students going through difficult times and the skills that students develop as a result of taking part in the arts, even if they do not wish to pursue a career in the arts.

Ms Green, who leads the Debating Club, said that they decided not take a vote but opened up the discussion to the Sixth Formers and one of her highlights was the engagement between different students. She added that Year 7s were responding to questions from Year 13s and the students on the debate panel showed great leadership in their willingness to participate, their enthusiasm in talking to the older students and their humour and integrity when they struggled to answer questions. A few are even keen to come to Globe Sixth Form now!