Globe Poets went to San Francisco

Wednesday 20 December 2017

Our famous poetry collective, Globe Poets, flew out to San Francisco, USA to take part in Brave New Voices 2017, as a non-competing team. They consisted of the winners of Poetry Slam, which took place at our academy in February 2017.

The team attended a week of poetry events, volunteered at the festival and worked with the local community in San Francisco as a part of international poet community. They had a fantastic time and it was recently announced that next summer the festival will take place in Chicago.

Globe Poets were interviewed by Southwark News before their trip to San Francisco, and talked about how important and instrumental poetry was for them. The newspaper quoted Aaron and Shekeem, and wrote that for Globe Poets, their poetry was a way of delving into subjects that are otherwise difficult to express, such as 'family issues', 'relationships' and issues within the community such as 'gang violence' and 'inequality'. Shekeem’s point was agreed with by all, when he said that poetry “released their creativity” and it was an important way to relieve stress.

Look out for the news about our upcoming Poetry Slam in Spring - a chance to see amazing new poets performing and an opportunity to support their trip to Chicago to attend Brave New Voices 2018.