Globe Academy selected as a representative to raise standards in education alongside the Prime Minister

Monday 22 September 2014

Globe Academy have been selected as an example of good practice in education alongside David Cameron in the 2014 Parliamentary Review.

The publication, which has several versions based on key policy areas, has the involvement of the Prime Minister, leading Cabinet ministers including George Osborne and Nicky Morgan, and other outstanding organisations and leaders who have discussed how they've responded to political and economic challenges as a learning tool to their peers.
The Education Edition of The Parliamentary Review also consists of a political commentary, summarising the year in education along with events in Westminster. The commentary is written by two of the UK’s leading journalists - Sean Coughlan and Mark D’Arcy - the BBC’s Education and Parliamentary correspondents respectively.

The representatives selected are used as an example of best practice to leaders in the public and private sector.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, said: "Our recovery is real, but it has not been easy – as the articles in this year’s The Parliamentary Review demonstrate, it is thanks to the ongoing resolve of the British people that our country is starting to recover after such tough economic times."

Director of The Parliamentary Review, Daniel Yossman, said: "The key idea of the Review is to demonstrate how determined leadership and innovative thinking can really turn around organisations or to highlight best practice of outstanding leaders in their field - the contributors thus act as a template for reform."

Editor-in-Chief of The Parliamentary Review, the Rt Hon David Curry, said: "The whole purpose of the Review is to provide a forum where organisations can set out what they have achieved and, crucially how they have achieved it. We set their articles in the context of the political and economic environment – described clearly and critically by experts in the field. The aim is to showcase, explain and learn, not in some abstract or theoretical way but by dealing with reality, however challenging that reality may be."

HMC Head, Richard Harman, said: "We share common values and by working together we can also share best practice and compare the distinctive features in individual organisations that lead to success."

Matt Jones, Principal of ARK Globe Academy, said: "ARK Globe Academy is honoured and privileged to be selected as part of the Government’s 2013-14 Parliamentary Review of Education. Although we are at the beginning of our journey and still have lots to do, it is great for our academy to be recognised as an example of excellent practice within education.This reflects the dedication and commitment of all adults and children who work together to make ARK Globe Academy a special place for learning."

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