"Give maths a chance" says Matthew

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Matthew is in Year 11 at Ark Globe Academy. He is passionate about maths and took GCSE maths whilst in Year 9 and got an A.

“It was amazing. All my hard work paid off. I was quite tentative when I went to get my GCSE results and when I received the envelope I was almost overwhelmed. It was an amazing experience!”

Maths is something that not everyone values but I think it requires you to be systematic, to think in-depth. I like that it’s step-by-step and you can show the complete way to solve a problem. It really develops your perception of how you look at things. You become a logical thinker.

Ms Lliffe is my favourite teacher at Globe. She is really dedicated to everyone getting an A* in maths. She listens to the students, caters to their needs and understands it’s ok to make mistakes as long as progress is made. Practice, practice, practice really does make perfect! I intend to do maths at A level and if it’s an option I’d like to use maths in some way in my career, perhaps as a maths teacher, but I’m also interested in being a lawyer or doing something in politics.

If someone was to say maths was dreary and boring I’d say give maths a chance! Think about how you can apply maths in real-life. If you like spending money and shopping you’re going to need maths!”


Ark Globe Academy has specialist status in mathematics and the performing arts. Globe supports and coaches pupils so that all can become confident mathematicians, at ease with both its theoretical and practical applications.

Ark Globe is currently recruiting for a Subject Leader for maths. If you are an outstanding maths teacher and want to make sure all children have the same chances to succeed in life, regardless of their background then please apply at http://arkglobeacademy.org/vacancies