Finance and Medical Bursary trips and workshops

Wednesday 14 August 2019

Our Year 12 students have the opportunity to become a bursary student in the fields of high finance, medicine and law. This bursary offers them a range of field-specific activities as well as mentorship and some financial support towards some of their study-related applications. Our Finance Bursary students recently had a wonderful experience day at JP Morgan learning about the pathways to a career in high finance. Another trip was made to Barclays London for the Women in Business Event. Our students enjoyed networking during the event as well as the inspirational speeches.

Ark Globe Medical Bursary students have also been quite busy with their dedicated workshops and trips. They recently had a workshop with a Bio Medical Scientist and learnt about the career paths in the sector. They had the chance to observe a day in the life of a Bio Medical Scientist.