'To fail is the first attempt at learning' Colin Jackson tells our students

Wednesday 01 July 2015

Students from across the academy had the opportunity to question three-times world champion 110m hurdler, Colin Jackson and Olympic champion 100m sprinter, Donovan Bailey when they visited the school.

The athletes, who were promoting their Go Dad Run race, to raise awareness of prostate cancer, spoke to the students about the importance of looking after their own health and not being afraid to question their parents, relatives and friends about their health. It was then the students turn to take advantage of having such incredible athletes in the room asking them a range of questions from 'What is your number one tip to someone who wants to be a good athlete?' to 'Who have you met that has made you feel starstruck?' (to which Donovan Bailey answered, Nelson Mandela and Colin Jackson, answered, Archbishop Desmond Tutu).

Colin Jackson's number one tip for being a good athlete was; 'Get a good coach and support system. Get into a good group of friends who have the same aspirations as you. Some friends will drag you down and others will inspire you.' Donovan Bailey added to this that 'success breeds success'. 

We also asked them both our question on Growth Mindset, success and failure: 'At Globe Academy we teach our children about having a Growth Mindset and that success comes through trying over and over again and not being afraid to make mistakes - what would be your take on this and what advice would you give to all our students? 

Colin Jackson answered: 'To fail is the first attempt at learning. You always have to fail to move onto the next point of learning. Accept the failure and move on, don't dwell on it.' 

Donovan Bailey answered; ' Failure is a word I don't use. Don't be afraid of it. In order to win you have to fail a few times. Failure is part of the journey.' 

To end the visit our students had the opportunity to get some hurdling technique advice from Colin Jackson - which was put into great use in our school sports day.