Excellent GCSE Results for our Students

Thursday 12 August 2021

Our Year 11s received fantastic GCSE results today. We had many happy faces across the Academy. 

Our Executive Principal, Matt Jones said:

“Another inspiring results day at Ark Globe Academy. Our students and adults have worked extremely hard to ensure that students achieved the grades they needed for their preferred destinations despite significant disruption during the Covid pandemic. The majority of our students are going on to study A levels and vocational courses in our amazing Sixth Form and we look forward to welcoming them back in September. For those leaving us to pursue their preferred next steps, I would like to thank them personally for their efforts and contributions to the Ark Globe community.”

Here are some of our high achievers: 

Fabiana Monteiro

Six 9s, three 8s and a 7

“When I got my results, I didn’t open the envelope and waited for my friends. We wanted to open at the same time. I was so shocked to see the numbers, I didn’t even pay attention to the subjects at first. All of my friends’ reaction was great. It was a cool moment.

I was really unsure about my results. I always downplay how I did at every single test. My family expected better than I told them what to expect. But they always support me and say that no matter what grades I get, they love me. This means a lot to me.

My journey through the GCSEs was full of anxiety and self-confidence issues. The uncertainties around the exams or grades made is nerve wracking for me. Most of us put our self-worth in our grades, but grades are just numbers. It doesn’t reflect truly who we are.

I am very passionate about science. I will study A levels at Globe and will do biology, chemistry and maths. Now I would like to focus on A levels and really enjoy these subjects that I am very passionate about. I would like to just enjoy them for what they are. I love these subjects with my whole heart.

I think I am so lucky because we always had the best science teachers at Globe. They always brought something extra to the classroom. They didn’t just stick to the curriculum and made science so much fun for us. This is why I fell in love with these subjects.

I love design and arts too. So I hope that I can find a career that combines creativity with sciences.”

Dayanara Campana

Six 9s, an 8 and four 7s

“I am very happy with my results overall, but happiest with maths. I was worried this morning. I worked very hard for these results, so I am now relieved.

My mum has always backed me up and my teachers supported me a lot. They always want the best for you. It was a rollercoaster the last couple of years.

I started Globe in Year 7 and the friends I made here are for life. At Globe, you never see people on the corner, alone. People are never separated; everyone is friends here.

I have two younger sisters and sometimes feel the pressure to do well so that I can become a role model to them. I must set the standards. 

I would like to go to Oxford to study Immunisation. That is my aspiration.”

Kinga Gorska

Four 9s, two 8s, three 7s and two 6s

“I tried not to set any expectations, but I had an idea about what I would get. My results are even better than I could imagine. I didn’t expect four 9s. To get 9s especially in those subjects that I am very passionate about is great.

I started Globe in Year 7. Globe has a very good community atmosphere. Teachers are always there for anyone. They are very accommodating and welcoming.

It was weird being at home for almost a year and not knowing if the exams were going to happen. But we had to keep going and be prepared for anything.

I would like to thank my mum, family, and friends. My friends were always there for me and make sure that I stayed happy and positive, and this reflected on my grades too.

I will go to Globe Sixth Form and study history, computer science, maths and art A levels.”

Sebri Musa

Three 9s, two 8s, three 7s and two 6s

“I am surprised for my science results. I thought that I would get a mediocre result, but I got two 9s and an 8 in science instead. I worked hard but was worried a lot too. It was kind of tough to find motivation, not knowing if we were going to do the exams or not. You had to be ready and do revisions.

My brother got his GCSE results last year. He was very helpful throughout this last year, but also, he put pressure on me. I didn’t want to be worse than what he did. We got more or less the same now. I got more 9s but he got more 8s.

To the younger students, I would say prepare for anything, make sure you have time for revisions. Don’t leave it to last minute.

I love art and football. I want to go to a top Russell Group university but am not yet sure what I want to do as a job. I just would like to focus on enjoying my A levels. I will do maths, further maths, physics and computer science. ”

Olivia Hardinges

Four 9s, two 8s, a 7, a 6, a 5, and a 4

“I am shocked with the 9s. I didn’t expect to get them. I am most proud of my 9s, especially in English.

The biggest challenge I had was not knowing what was going to happen with the exams. It was difficult. It felt like waiting for a long time.

My friends supported me a lot. We have very strong friendship at Globe. You can see that everyone is happy for each other today.

I would like to thank to my learning leads. They were helpful and encouraging from the beginning.

My advice for younger students is trying to focus on what you do each day. It’s easy to get distracted or stressed, but try to avoid it.

I will go to Globe Sixth Form and do sociology, politics, and history A levels. I would like to study Law at the uni. This is something that I wanted to do since I was a child.”

Billnd Rasoul

A 9, five 8s, three 7s and a 6

“I was very tense. I didn’t know what would be in the envelope. When I opened it I felt a huge wave of relief.

I am most proud of my maths result. I struggled with it a lot, but am very happy to see that I managed to improve it. This result means a lot to me.  

I have been at Globe since Reception. I made great friends from the start. All of my teachers believed in me. They saw the potential that I didn’t see before.

I want to study Computer Science and work in a scientific field. I will do A levels at Ark Globe Sixth Form. I am excited about it.”