Excellent GCSE results for our academy

Tuesday 27 August 2019

Congratulations to all of our Year 11s who achieved excellent GCSE results. The results make Ark Globe once again one of the top performing schools around the country. The Academy had its best results in Progress 8. Students at Ark Globe had about half a grade more compared the other students nationally, which is a significantly above the national average. Here are some of our high achievers:

Sara Sasvari 

Sara received eight 9s, an 8 and a 7. She came to the UK from Hungary in 2014, starting at Ark Globe not speaking any English. “I am really proud of myself particularly for receiving 9 both in English and English Literature, as I learned English only in 2014.” she said. Sara wants to become a theoretical physicist.

“My success was mostly down to reading over my notes and making flash cards.

I came to the UK in 2014, in Year 7, didn’t speak English at all. I am really proud of myself for getting 9 in English and English Lit.

My biggest challenge was that I have stargard disease which effects my sight. I worked on accepting the fact that I had this condition and I didn’t want it to be an excuse for not to do well. I love art and it was very relaxing for me to do art during this time.

My family is very happy for me. My sister is going to the University of Glasgow, she went to Sixth Form at Globe. So it is overall a happy time for us.”

Deborah and Kehinde Sowole

Deborah and Kehinde also received great results. Between them they got in total two 8s, eight 7s and seven 6s. Kehinde wants to become a business owner or paediatrician and Deborah wants to become an engineer. They will continue with A levels at Ark Globe Sixth Form.

“We studied together for the exams; we tested each other, challenged each other. It was really helpful while taking the exams, but waiting for the results was stressful because we were waiting for two sets of results. What if one of us didn’t to do that well? We would have been upset then; we couldn’t celebrate. We are happy now; although we didn’t get the exact same results, they are balanced.

We don’t plan to separate until the end of university because we will go to different career paths, but we will definitely go to the same university.”

Salama Khan

Salama received three 9s, three 8s and four 7s. He will study Maths (his favourite subject), Physics and Computer Science A levels at Ark Globe Sixth Form and aspires to go to Imperial College London. He would like to work in computer science industry.

“I am content about my results. I got exactly what I was expecting, so it wasn’t a big surprise.

I worked with my friends to consolitade my knowledge. Preparing for exams was hard work and really tiring, but we enjoyed while we were studying. It wasn’t all work and stress; we had laugh and enjoyed helping each other too. I love Maths and am really happy as I got 9!”