Enrichment Day on Futures and Professionalism

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Students across the secondary school enjoyed their second Enrichment Day of this academic year, which focused on ‘Futures and Professionalism’. Students had the opportunity to visit universities and the Houses of Parliament. Some of our Sixth Formers had a day with Slenky, an organisation focusing on connecting young people to business, work experience and placement opportunities. Some others from Year 12 visited a variety of government buildings and completed a number of workshops. They had discussions on the functions of Parliament and the Civil Service, and spent time observing debates in the House of Lords and House of Commons.

They also learned how government seeks to make more services easily and digitally accessible both for the public and Civil Service, and were joined by a security specialist for an event relating to technology and security.

Year 11 students focused on stress relief and mindfulness, with seminars lead by USO, particularly exploring techniques for managing stress and time pressure in exams, and learned the role of attention in memory and managing distractions. Year 10's had a session with UniHack, and developed a response to the EU referendum results, the Brexit process, and tackling cyber-bullying. The session aimed to help students identify their priorities in hard times and find their voices for fostering positive change in their communities.

Other sessions at Ernst and Young with the EY Foundation and Brands2Life introduced our students to the world of work, to employers, and the skills and attitudes employers are looking for. Brands2life’s workshop mainly focused on the effective use of social media and how to use it in finding jobs and creating a good impact on potential employers. Students learned the Dos and Don'ts of social media, and how to use it to their advantage, with practical exercises on LinkedIn.

Year 9's went off to University of East London, London Metropolitan University, Goldsmiths and University of West London for the day to meet with Student Ambassadors, have Campus Tours and Taster Sessions. They also had a dance workshop at Goldsmiths.

Year 8 and Year 7's focused on money, with two sessions: "Learn to earn" and "My Money, My Choices, My Future" lead by young enterprise and professional volunteers as well as MyBnk, a UK based charity, and Lloyds Bank. They learned about personal and family budgets, and opening a bank account.

The trainers and guests of the day all commented on the professionalism, engagement and inquisitive nature of our students. The day was a huge success and enjoyed by all students.