Demetri spoke on issues concerning youth at Parliament

Monday 19 February 2018

Demetri, one of our Sixth Form students, attended an All-Party Parliamentary Group roundtable discussion about social media, music and knife-crime. He was one of only two young people in a room of fifty social media and third-sector managers and spokes people, and talked about his perspective on these very serious issues.

Ciaran Thapar, a journalist and youth worker, commented that Demetri made several very mature points about why he thinks youth violence occurs, how social media and music is contributing to it, and how it ought to be treated. Thapar was also at the roundtable and said: “It was obvious that both Sarah Jones, MP (who chaired it) and Brian Paddick, MP were seriously impressed with his contributions. Brian actually put his hand up at the end of the discussion to announce to everyone that he thought Demetri made the most intelligent points of the evening.”