Claire Anna, Year 9: “I'll always have music. I've got something I'll use for life now"

Wednesday 09 July 2014

Last night ARK Globe Academy students performed at the ARK Schools Music Gala at the Barbican in London. They joined together with around 750 pupils of all ages and abilities from ARK schools across the country to celebrate their talent and dedication to music in front of a packed auditorium. The music programme ranged from traditional Zulu and Samba music to ‘Happy’ from Pharrell Williams. 

Clare-Anna and Sharon were two of the students who performed.

Clare-Anna is in Year 9. She sang in the SPARK Choir in the ARK Music Gala. This is how she was feeling before the performance.   

“I started with the ARK choir this year. We come together to sing and explore music and have fun doing this. It’s not scary singing in front of the other schools as everyone is friendly and has the same passion for music.

At the Barbican we’ll perform everything we’ve done in rehearsals with all the choirs in the ARK network. I think the Head of Education will be there but I’m more nervous about singing in front of my mum and dad. It’s easier to sing in front of people who don’t know you as they don’t have as high expectations. My mum and dad will be really proud.

When I started with the choir I didn’t know how to read sheet music or recognise notes and sight read but I can do that now. When I first came there I was very shy and didn’t want to sing anything by myself. I’m still a bit nervous but I’ll get there!

If I wanted to sing professionally I have gathered the knowledge I need from the professional musicians who work with us. I can also teach people music in schools.

When I’m older I want to be a nurse so I can help people but I'll always have music. I've got something I'll use for life now."

After her performance, Clare-Anna said “The ARK Music Gala was fun, exciting and very rewarding.  We finally got the chance to perform everything we have learnt since September.”

Sharon is in Year 10 at ARK Globe Academy she says:

“At our school, choir is a little community – the older students help the younger ones. We tell them it’s OK to make a mistake, you just have to learn from it. Our biggest achievements this year have been creating unity, learning to listen to each other, and being able to communicate without saying anything.

I think people who have been in choir will become something great because they’ve gained confidence that will transfer to other parts of life. I’ve seen people blossom, and become more confident and open. We’ve become less prejudiced and don’t judge each other.”

Ruth Masterson, Music Lead, ARK Globe Academy, said “The music department are extremely proud of all the students that represented Globe Academy at this years ARK Music Gala. We had a record number of 35 students in the One Voice Choir and 5 exceptional students in the SPARK choir. The students conducted themselves in a mature and professional manner and added to what was a fabulous evening of music making. We are already looking forward to next year!”

Matt Jones, Principal, ARK Globe Academy said “A fantastic evening of entertainment.  The 35 students from ARK Globe Academy that took part did us all proud.”