Celebrating University Offers: Another offer from Oxbridge!

Monday 08 April 2019

In January, we were thrilled to find out about the university offers our Sixth Formers received. The whole academy got really excited and proud when Irfan received his offer from Oxford University to study geography. Irfan is the third student to get an Oxbridge offer in the last three years - Eduardo is now going to Oxford and Zareen to Cambridge.

Irfan said: “I had not expected to get the offer. I remember that whole day I was shaking; it was a surreal moment for me. I didn’t know what to feel; I was nervous, I was happy, a mixing pot of emotions. I called my dad and he couldn’t believe it. He sounded teary over the phone and asked if I was joking with him. Now I’ve got a set end goal and it fixed what I need to do. I have a clear plan for the next few months and will do my best.” Irfan has been an active student inside and outside of the classroom. He praised the support from his family and this school: “I have a really supportive family and my school, Ark Globe Academy, has always pushed me to succeed. Besides the academic support, Ark Globe offered us some amazing experiences and opportunities and I believe that they set me apart from the other candidates. Just in the last year for example, I have been a part of an award-winning student campaigning group based in Elephant and Castle, "Fight for Revite." I’ve been to Washington DC, and I’ve spoken in the House of Lords.”

Irfan’s inspiration for choosing geography comes from his father, who works for an airline company: “I have been lucky that we always had maps in our house and my father used to bring home aviation magazines. From an early age, I used to look at the maps and planes and wonder about all these amazing destinations across the planet. It inspired my passion for geography. My long-term goal is to work for the United Nations.” 

Irfan would like to inspire his community: “It’s rare for students from my community to go to Oxbridge. I don’t see that as a barrier but rather as motivation. I want to show the community here at Ark Globe, as well as the British-Bangladeshi community, that more people should apply and take advantage of this opportunity. I’m trying to open the doorway and inspire them to apply to universities like Oxbridge.”

There are many more Sixth Form students who got offers from the country’s leading universities. Joao got three offers from Russell Group Universities including Warwick. Radika got 4 offers from Russell Group, including UCL and Queen Mary, and we have an offer for Ruby from the University Centre Colchester to study Musical Theatre, which is one of the top universities for the course. Our students got offers from Nottingham, Cardiff, Aston, Liverpool, Glasgow, King’s and more. Congratulations to all of our Sixth Form students and best of luck for the exams!