Celebrating GCSE Results

Monday 24 August 2020

Congratulations to all of our Year 11 students who received their GCSE results! Here are some of our high achievers: 

Devina Carty 

Devina received seven 9s, two 8s and a 7, and will study Politics, Sociology and Maths A levels at Ark Globe Sixth Form. Devina would like to become a lawyer.  

She said: “When I opened my envelope… I knew it would be good, but it was better than I expected. It was kind of nerve wrecking waiting for today. I didn’t sit the exams and I had no idea what I would get. My family was screaming on the phone when they heard my exams. Everyone is very happy.  

I feel like had a very long summer. I am now really looking forward to starting my A levels.” 

Ebi Miene 

Ebi received three 9s, three 8s, three 7s and a 6. She will study Chemistry, Biology and Maths A levels at Ark Globe Sixth Form.   

She said: “I am quite happy with what I got. Even though I didn’t personally sit the exams, this is the result of years-long work. As we weren’t able to sit our GCSE exams, I can see how working hard through the past years helped me to get to this point. I think working hard all through my Secondary years was the best thing I did up to this point.  

My mum knew how hard I worked and wouldn’t have expected anything less from me. She has been very happy with the progress I have been doing. She is preparing a surprise celebration in the evening. 

I want to go to university and get highest possible degree. I am thinking about masters and PhD. I want to study medical sciences and a bit of bio-chemistry. 

Ark Globe is a very supportive school. When you ask the teachers to help you, they help you in all ways imaginable. They don’t leave any student behind. They see more potential in students and push them to do more than what students think that they can achieve. For that reason, I like the school and am really thankful to all of my teachers.” 

Humayra Choudhury 

Humayra received two 9s, five 8s and three 7s. She will study English Literature, Politics, Economics and Geography A levels at Ark Globe Sixth Form.

Humayra said: “I am feeling quite happy with my results. I have been really relieved since I opened my envelope. I came to collect my results with my dad, he is very proud. I also shared the news in my family group chat, they are all very happy, quite supportive. We will get together as the whole family on Saturday to celebrate.  

I have always been working very hard and taking mocks really seriously. I wasn’t too worried about the results. The teachers that I have been working with since Year 7 knew me and how I could progress. Overall, everyone’s been quite supportive. During the lockdown, they continued to be in touch, they called home to check in and published virtual assemblies. There was less stress on us, as these all felt like we weren’t too distant from school. Just being able to keep the relationships there was very helpful.  

A levels I chose are all essay based. I am thinking of law or human political sciences for the future. I am aiming for Cambridge University.” 

Shameika Isaacs  

Shameika received two 9s, six 8s and two 7s. She will study Chemistry, Biology and Maths A levels at Ark Globe Sixth Form. 

She said: “I felt pretty happy when I saw my results. Everything was as I hoped. I was relieved too. All of my family is very proud and very happy for me.  

I am happy that I am staying at Globe for sixth form. It is like a home to me. I am looking forward to the next 2 years. After sixth form, I plan to study medicine and go to medical sector as a career.” 

Daisy Kennedy 

Daisy received two 9s, an 8, four 7s and three 6s. She will study History, Psychology and Media A levels Ark Globe Sixth Form. 

She said: “I am feeling great. I want to end up going to university to do Psychology and become a licenced therapist. I feel like I already have been training by supporting my friends.  

Secondary school is over. It is a bit shocking. I expected a big climactic moment, but I looked at my results and smiled. That was it. I feel relieved now.” 

Syeda Alam 

Syeda received five 8s and five 7s. She will study Maths, Physics, Economics and Geography A levels at Ark Globe Sixth Form.  

Syeda is a former prefect and wants to become an architect.  

She said: “I am feeling very happy with my results. I spoke to my family and mum and uncle instantly started crying on the phone. We will be going out as friends to celebrate this evening.  

Having understood that we had no control over the process, I kept in mind that grades don’t define us. Even if I didn’t do well, I kept in mind that it will all be well at the end.” 

Joshua Sibahi 

Joshua received two 8s, five 7s and three 6s. He will study Chemistry, Biology and Maths A levels at Ark Globe Sixth Form.    

He said: “I want to do Medicine in the future. I want to go to the top university to achieve this. Getting my results felt great, knowing it’s finally over. I can finally go back to live normal.  

I am very excited about the A levels. It’s a new journey. Learning new things... I am planning to keep active, continue basketball and maybe to go for a student union position.” 

Francis Miene 

Francis receied seven 7s and three 5s. He will study Maths, Physics and Economics A levels at Ark Globe Sixth Form.   

He said: “The teachers and staff have been very supportive. I like the enthusiasm from all the teachers and staff; they encourage you a lot. They push you to be the best you can be in everything that you do, and they always have support for you. I am looking forward to starting Ark Globe Sixth Form.”