Celebrating Excellent A Level Results

Wednesday 22 August 2018

Our academy celebrated yet another year of great success at A level results. We achieved 100% pass rate for all students once again this year and improved the percentage of A* and A grades. 45% of our students achieved 3 or more A*-B qualifications with 31% of all results being A or A* grades. Average Point Score was 37.3 which is improvement from last year’s score.

Here are some of our high achievers:


Eduardo Estevez

“I feel ecstatic about the results. I aspire to inspire other students with English as additional language.”   

Eduardo received 2 A*s in Maths and Biology, and an A in French. With these results, Eduardo is off to the University of Oxford to study biological sciences at St Catherine’s College.

Eduardo has had an inspirational path from not speaking English 5 years ago to going to one of the best educational institutions in England.

“I wanted to show people that students with English as their additional language are not what people make them to be. Sometimes, because you don’t speak English, some people may undermine you. They may think that you’re not as smart as others.

I wanted to make my community proud, because hopefully I am an example. Just because you don’t speak English that doesn’t mean that you stop there. Or that you stop trying. Yes, it’s going to be harder for you. But to me, that shouldn’t be an excuse”

Eduardo says that he feels ecstatic about the results. “I still can’t believe it. It seems like a movie, it doesn’t seem real. I called my mum, she started crying it had me crying. I hadn’t expected it. I didn’t know how to feel after the exams, I didn’t know how it all went. I am just glad that it turned out alright.”

He praises the support he had from the Academy’s staff. “It never would have been possible without the support of my teachers and Sixth Form staff. They went the extra mile to make sure that I was where I was. They kept me in the right state of mind. They made sure that I wasn’t stressing and zoning out.”

To study biological sciences, Eduardo was very much inspired by his brother who has epilepsy.  

“My brother was over the moon when he heard that I was going to Oxford. Seeing his reaction made me feel even better, because I just know this is a stepping stone for a change. Who knows in the future it might change him physically and it might help him mentally as well.”





Hilliam Tung

Hilliam got 2 A*s in Maths and Further Maths, and 2 As in Physics and Computer Science. He will go to Imperial College London to study a joint degree in maths and computer science.

He has been at Ark Globe since Reception. “The academy really set the standards for me and gave me the opportunity to grow as a person. It allowed me to set my priority straight and have a clear path in order to reach for success. I am very pleased, as these results will take me to one of the most competitive courses in the UK.”

Hilliam has been successful to get a couple of bursaries to support his studentship at the university. “I got one bursary from Ark in collaboration with Urbanest which gives me free accommodation for 3 years in London - all expenses paid. I was one of the only 5 people out of the Ark network to get the bursary.”  

Last year, Hilliam ran a fantastic fundraising campaign in the academy. He and his friends raised over £1,000 for different charities. He says that opportunities at Sixth Form helped him groving as a person.

“I would take every opportunity at Sixth Form. I got a work experience working for coding programmes for charities and start-ups. It was a 3 months’ programme. It was during the school time, but I went after school and sometimes on weekends to help the charities in order to able to operate well. I guess the experience of it really helped me become mature, go for other opportunities and reach for such a high university.” 



Chike Nwaenie

Chike received 3 As in Maths, Computer Science and Physics. He will study mechanical engineering at the University of Southampton.  

Chike started at Ark Globe at Year 7. “I got a lot of support here at Ark Globe Sixth Form. Everyone has each other’s back; we are like a family. Teachers give support in terms of lessons and also about life. With that relationship you can definitely reduce the stress.”







Principal, Matt Jones said: “We received another set of excellent A level results. The academy improved its percentage of A* and A grades and sent a student to an Oxbridge university two consecutive years now. This is great for our students and community, because it means that our Sixth Form students go into high quality university including and apprenticeships. This is a fantastic way to kick off 10th anniversary of Ark Globe Academy.”