Black History Month at our Academy

Tuesday 04 December 2018

Text and photography by Fallou, Year 13

Black History Month is greatly celebrated here at Ark Globe Academy. Originally from the US, Black History Month (BHM) is also celebrated here in the UK; it is a celebration of the black community, encouraging diversity, inclusion and educating people about the history of black people. At Ark Globe we celebrated BHM by putting on a show; acts included singers, dances and a theatre production. The Sixth Form also had its very own BHM by organising a party. Students brought in food from different cultures and socialised whilst listening to music from Black culture.

Olamide, Year 12, said: “Black History Month was a very good show which started off the school year very well. Especially for the Year 7 students as this was their first Black History Month in the academy. Having different people in different year groups perform in the show made it very interesting, as it illustrates how the whole academy got involved and makes everyone feel included.”

Michael, Year 12, said: “BHM was an exciting experience. It was the first time I went, and I don’t regret it at all. You get to know even a bit more about Black culture, and it helps you to understand things better.”

Ms Senthilkumar praised the success of the event, particularly how our Sixth Formers led the organisation: “The BHM celebration was extremely well organised and clearly demonstrated a sense of community within the school. Students from all ages performed in the celebration, which was led by the Sixth Form. Although I have seen Black History month celebrations previously, this is the first time I have seen something that was led solely by students.”